Starting a Video Podcast: Why Now?

Starting a Video Podcast: Why Now?

It’s the perfect time to start a podcast. And even better—a video podcast

The podcast market is simmering: Predictions for 2023 show that in the US alone, 104 million people will listen to podcasts this year, which is around a third of the country’s population. And because screens dominate our lives, adding visuals makes everything more attractive.

While some love to listen to their favorite podcasts, the rise of video apps like TikTok and the ongoing popularity of Youtube confirm the opportunities that video podcasting can bring.

At Disctopia, we recently launched our Video Podcast feature, which allows users to upload and stream videos with its audio podcast so that all your content stays centralized in one platform. 

Here are some reasons to leverage our new feature and why listeners are becoming viewers.

The Gist of Video Podcasting

Let’s start with a mindblowing stat: 30% of our brain cortex is devoted to visual processing. So, it’s no coincidence that about 64% of podcast listeners prefer video. Since we favor images, giving visual references to voices helps us relate and engage with them on a deeper level.

Sandvine’s 2023 Global Internet Phenomena Report found that video content in 2022 accounted for 65% of all internet traffic. And for the podcasting industry, this meant a slew of new video podcast content: Podcast Index listed 39,194 video podcasts in November 2021, and as of June 2022, that number had grown to 50,863. 

This is probably how Noel Miller and Coky Ko, famously known as Tiny Meat Gang, cracked the code to reach podcast greatness. It’s one thing to hear them laughing at each other’s jokes, but it’s another to see their facial expressions—It almost feels like you’re laughing right next to them.

Their success with video podcasting allowed them to host seven other comedy podcasts called TMG Studios. For them, video podcasting made all the difference.

At Disctopia, we noticed how engaging video podcasts are and the opportunities they can bring for creators. Recently we launched our Video Podcast feature, which allows users to upload and stream videos along with its audio podcast so that all your content stays centralized in one platform. 

Expand Your Audience Reach

What might start as a listener experience could turn into a multi-sensory show that will leave audiences longing for more. This is the same reason radio shows started letting cameras into their studios—so people could finally see the faces behind the soothing voices.

In 2009, the BBC opened its Visual Radio division to engage a younger audience via YouTube; video can do the same for podcasting. So, rather than killing the radio star, the video actually resurrected it to a more potent form!

While some people might love to hear your voice, there’s a growing segment of podcast viewers that will expand your reach even more. 

After securing a $60 million deal with Spotify, the witty Call Her Daddy podcast hosted by Alex Cooper took the app by storm. It became an exclusive podcast that quickly helped popularize the video podcast feature on the platform. It recently became the number one Spotify show after coming second to the Joe Rogan podcast two years in a row. 

Alex’s cozy setup makes you feel like you’re having a late-night sleepover gossip session with the likes of Miley Cyrus and Hailey Bieber. She achieves this through her video podcasting, which is one of the reasons the popularity of the Call Her Daddy podcast is unmatched right now. 

Achieve Full Podcast Potential on One Platform

So, having seen the success of those using video podcasts, wouldn’t you like to give it a try as well? At Disctopia, we want to improve exposure opportunities for our creators so that you can have the same chances to grow without switching platforms.

With our Video Podcast feature, you can unlock the full potential of your content. Be it from the app or the webpage, users can upload a video podcast, and both audio and video formats will post separately so that you can keep your listenership too.

Fans will enjoy both formats in the same place, as they can also access your new video podcast and audio from the app and the webpage. This way, they don’t have to look for your content on separate platforms: It all stays on one site to make it easier for you and them.

Want to explore the best streaming platform as an independent podcaster? Check out Disctopia to learn more about the benefits for creators.