Disctopia Now Supports Video Podcasts

Disctopia Now Supports Video Podcasts

Disctopia, one of the leading podcast hosting platforms now supports video podcasts, making it one of the pioneers of video podcasting. As a podcaster on the Disctopia platform, you no longer have to host your podcast video outside Disctopia. You can now host your podcast show’s audio and video versions on Disctopia.

You may not have realized, but video is part of the future of podcasting, and at Disctopia, we want to bring as many podcasters as possible on board. Right now, you need to start working around a video podcasting strategy, positioning your podcast brand for the future. Look at how TikTok, Instagram, and even more recently, Facebook is dominateing the video marketing scene; that is because you cannot beat the human face and visual appeal.

This means that users of the service can now access video podcasts from many popular podcasters and watch them through the Disctopia platform and mobile apps. The service also offers a range of other features, including an easy-to-use interface, advanced search capabilities, and personalized recommendations. Furthermore, users can also manage their subscriptions and access their podcast library from any device. This new feature will make Disctopia a favorite among podcast fans, providing a convenient way to access and enjoy their favorite video podcasts.

As a podcaster who wants to grab attention and hold it in the future, you must key into video podcasting. The best time to do that will be right now.

We Live in a Video Obsessed World

There’s a reason why the high-grossing podcasts have a video version of their shows. They’ve realized how quickly videos can convert; it does not matter that everyone is doing videos already.

More American consumers are now listening to podcasts than ever before. This also coincided with a time when more people are watching videos than ever. We love that it’s not only us at Disctopia that have realized that video is part of the future of podcasting. There are moves by major players such as YouTube, Spotify, and even LinkedIn towards video podcasting.

That’s for you to realize that video podcasting is not a fad; rather, it’s one of the future of podcasting.

Why Video Podcasting? 

At Disctopia, we’ve over-flogged the topic of the benefits of video podcasting, but we won’t stop. According to a report, about 64% of podcast listeners prefer video. There’s also a growing number of podcast listeners who watch podcast videos on YouTube despite all of its surrounding distractions.

As a podcaster, by leveraging the Disctopia platform’s video podcast feature, you will be unlocking unlimited consumers of your content. We believe podcasters limit their content’s reach by not taking advantage of videos. As we enter 2023, we want to see more podcasters transitioning into video segments.

You may not see the writing on the wall, but we’ve seen it here at Disctopia; many don’t just want to listen; they also want to watch. We’ve seen too many podcast shows that could go viral, only if they can take the huge leap into video podcasting.

Think about it; there’s a reason why The Joe Rogan Experience, The H3 Podcast, and the Tiny Meat Gang are some of the most popular podcast shows on the planet. These shows are similar to yours. However, they’ve been able to unlock a segment of their audience who would rather watch than listen.

How Disctopia Can Help You Unlock Unlimited Audience With Video Podcast

No doubt, video is more popular than audio; it’s just like comparing Television vs. Radio. However, there’s no need for you to abandon your audio-only podcast when you can leverage Disctopia for both your audio and video podcast.

Don’t be so quick to abandon your audio-only podcast and jump on the YouTube bandwagon for your video podcast. You are better off having your video and audio podcast on a single platform.

At Disctopia, we will leave no stone unturned to ensure that we provide a structure that will allow existing and new podcasters on our platform to transition to video podcasting. We will continue beyond just supporting video podcasts, there’s still much more in the works from us.