11 Musicians to Watch Out For in 2022

Musicians To Watch Out For in 2022

As one of the Top 50 Independent Music Blogs, we’ve identified a numer of musicians to watch out for in 2022. We have our eyes and ears on these acts with expectations.

In 2019, we saw music acts struggling to connect with their fans due to the pandemic. It was that time artists started scrapping tours and even pushing back albums. All of these spilled even into 2020. Fast forward to 2021, we saw and listened to some of the best sounds from both emerging and established artists.

While we are still yet to put the pandemic behind us, we are hopeful for a 2022 filled with musical talents surfacing from nowhere and established voices resurrecting from their hibernation. The following emerging and veteran musicians to watch out for in 2022;

  1. Audrey NUNA

One of the musicians to watch out for in 2022 is this South Korean-American music sensation who is a singer, rapper, and co-director of her own songs. Her first buzz-worthy single, Damn Right, shows the uniqueness of the artist. The singer/rapper accompanied Damn right with Space.

Now signed with Artista Record, the New Jersey raised 22-year old has released her debut album Liquid Breakfast with her producer Anwar Sawyer.

  1. The Weeknd

You all know the Weeknd never disappoints. There have been hints following the release of his last album, After Hours that a new album is on the way that ushers in the dawn.

DAWN FM was recently released this year and as usual, showed the artist’s uniqueness.

  1. PinkPantheress

Signed to Elektra Records, PinkPantheress is a London-based TikToker that garnered quite the attention. She released a-two minutes clip that was supported by videos made by fans from all over the world.

The artist whose real identity is still a secret released an album titled To hell with it which contains popular tracks like “pain” “break it off” and “I must apologize”. So, if you must watch out for an artist in 2022, keep your fingers crossed for PinkPantheress.

  1. Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is a 20-year old singer and songwriter that has captured the hearts of many since her debut.

The Grammy-winner released “she’s broken” and “fingers crossed” on SoundCloud with her brother, Finneas O’Connell in 2015 and it became an instant hit. Since then she has never looked back. You can expect greater performance this year from the pop singer.

  1. Sammy Rae and the friends

Led by the singer, songwriter, and vocalist, Sammy Rae, Sammy Rae and the friends is a group of close-knit 8 artists. They are one of the upcoming bands to watch out for in 2022.

After they released their most popular album, The Good Life, in 2018, the band started making waves in the US and beyond.  This group of dreamers and artists are ready for their tours this year where you can watch them perform live.

  1. Mary J Blige

Mary J Blige, known as the queen of R&B soul, has given her fans something to look forward to. Blige is one of the most influential women in the R&B world with 13 albums at her back. After stepping back from music for some years to focus on acting, she is once again cooking up an album for the year.

She recently released two singles “amazing” and “Good morning Gorgeous” as part of her 14th album.

  1. Vivian Leva and Riley Calcagno

The pandemic-ridden 2021 gave a deeper meaning to loneliness. And that is exactly why Vivian Leva and Riley Calcagno’s self-titled debut album was so special. With tracks like “on the line” and “leaving on our minds”, the contemporary roots artists summed up what it felt like to be separated from a loved one by distance.

Watch out for this artists as they deliver another soulful music that resonates with their fans.

  1. Kendrick Lamar

The 34-year old California rapper hinted on his social media page that he’s releasing a new album this year. Lamar’s last album DAMN was released in 2017 and fans are wondering when he will drop a new album. Wonder no more. It’s this year people.

  1. Reyna Tropical

Fabi Reyna and Sumohair (also known as Nectali Diaz) are two artists part of our musicians to watch out for in 2020. While they are from different backgrounds who came together to produce beautiful sounds as Reyna Tropical. Sumohair is based in LA while Fabi lives in Portland but the distance could not dissuade the two from producing their first song Encerrada in 2021 despite the pandemic.

With Reyna passionate about promoting queer love and the Afro-Mexican campaign, they have showcased this in their song No Me Quieres.

  1. Ghostface Killah 

You probably know Ghostface Killah as a part of the Wu-Tang Clan. The rapper made his debut album “Ironman” in 1996. Ghostface Killah whose real name is Dennis Cole made Supreme Clientele in 2000 which was widely received by the MC’s fans. Now the rapper is teaming up with Kanye West and Mike Dean to release Supreme Clientele 2 this year.

West and Dean will serve as the Executive producers of the album which is expected to be released this February.

  1. Maxwell

Maxwell is a singer, songwriter, and solo vocalist from Brooklyn. He has won three Grammys and several other awards including the soul train awards. His first album Urban Hang Suite and his subsequent ones like Embrya received accolades in the R&B soul world.

After his announcement to leave Columbia records last year, the neo-soul singer gave fans a peep into his next album BlackSummers with a single titled “Off”. The album will be released by BMG with partnership with his label Musze.

Keep your fingers crossed as we navigate the year while expecting the best from these musicians to watch out for in 2022.