5 Tips for the Perfect Demo Submission in 2022

Perfect Demo Submission in 2022

All year round, record labels are on the lookout for fresh talents and voices, if you can just make a perfect demo submission in 2022

Invariably, record labels receive thousands of demos from upcoming artists such as you. It is up to you to stand out by submitting the perfect demo. So, if you are always asking yourself how do I submit a demo that will open the door to my favorite record label for me? These 5 tips will guide you when sending your next demo;

1.     Do your Research (DYOR)

Before you send your songs to a record label, have an idea about the company profile, the genre they release, and their music style. For instance, Alcopop is known for releasing songs by indie-rock artists, you cannot send your blues music to the label. Not every record label will fit your music genre and style. If a label aligns with your style and genre, check their artists, social media pages, and look for their contacts.

Be thorough. Know everything you can about the labels you are interested in. How do you submit a demo if you do not know the company policies? Go through the label’s website and check their guidelines on the dos and don’ts for artists who want to submit a demo.

2.     Do Not Send Too Many Songs

It is okay to be proud of your work enough to share with record labels. If you have made lots of songs, you don’t have to send everything to a record label at once. The rule of thumb is to send just two that you have perfected. Don’t send your rough work and expect the record label to polish it for you..

Using audio mastering software for a perfect demo submission is helpful. If you cannot decide on which of your songs to send, then share your music with other people in the industry to get their unbiased opinion. Push your best leg forward by sending your best work.

3.     Keep Your Email Short

People will only want to know your rags to riches story after you became a star and not before. The A&R manager is not interested in your life’s history or how you got your dog. A perfect demo submission is peculiar to the instructions provided by each record label. However, if you cannot find any guideline, economize your words.

Your email subject line should contain the title of your song track and your stage name. The body of the mail should include a little bio of yourself like your name, country or county, stage name. Briefly describe yourself, your music, and why you will be a perfect fit for the record label. Do not sound boring and monotonous in the message. Be concise, to the point but interesting.

4.     Send your Song through a Private Link

Record labels will not sign you if they can’t even hear your demo. If you are sending your tracks as a file attachment, they will probably not download or listen to it. So, how do I submit a demo?

Why don’t you upload and send it through Dropbox, Google Drive, or WeTransfer private links instead? However, using SoundCloud is beneficial to both you and the A&R manager. It gives the label manager the option to download or just stream your song. Conversely, it allows you to know whether your track was streamed or not.

5.     Include Your Music Metadata

Despite being an upcoming artist, you need to polish your music to appear and sound professional, one of such relates to your music metadata. You are sending your work to music professionals, that’s the more reason why it has to look professional.

Know that a perfect demo submission should include all of your key information. Start from the basics by filling in the artist name, album name, and the track name. It’s ok if you don’t know your way around it, check out this Disctopia’s guide on getting it right with your music metadata.

Recap on The Perfect Demo Submission in 2022

How do you submit a demo that will give you an edge over other artists? Learn everything you can about the record labels of your interest. Send a brief and concise email to the record label. Send your best works through a secret link but not more than two or three tracks. Finally, do not send your demo through social media. Consistency is key to getting signed by a record label. Do not give up after sending to one or two record labels. If you have not heard from them, a follow-up email will suffice.