The Podcasting Conferences You Should Attend in 2022

podcasting conferences you should attend in 2022

There are several podcast conferences lined up for both established and newbie podcasters every year. If you’re interested in growing your podcast, these podcasting conferences you should attend in 2022 should be on your calendar.

If you are an established podcaster, it’s a great way to learn about new avenues for your show and meet other content creators in the space. Importantly, these podcast conferences will provide answers on how to start a podcast or why you should start a podcast. To this end, we have compiled a list of conferences podcasters should attend in 2022;

1. Hot Docs Podcast Festival 

January 25th to 28th | Worldwide

The Hot Docs Podcast Festival is an annual podcasting festival organized in Toronto that includes educational programming, live interviews, and showcases. There will be several sessions geared towards helping podcasters grow their business and engage with influencers in the industry.

The festival has been attended by Jennifer Armentrout (Girlboss) and Seinfeld co-creator Larry David.

2. Africa Podcast Day 2022

February 12th | All Across Africa

Africa Podcast Day is an annual community event that features educational panels, business-to-business meetings, and networking opportunities.

It was created to strengthen the podcasting industry in Africa by bringing together content creators and industry influencers.

3. Podcast Movement 2022

March 23rd – 26th | Los Angeles

Podcast Movement is an annual community event held in the United States that brings together podcast professionals to educate, inspire and connect over three days. This event will include entertainment professionals, podcasters, bloggers, writers, and more to help inspire new ideas for shows while connecting with others in the space. This year Disctopia will be in attendance so stop by and say hi!

The conference is produced by The Podglomerate, which also puts on several local events throughout the year.

4. VO Atlanta Voiceover Conference 

March 31st to April 3rd | Hilton Atlanta Airport

The Voiceover Atlanta conference is a great way to connect with other voiceover actors in the area and learn new skills from industry professionals. It includes seminars on growing your business, handling specific roles, and networking with others in the space.

The uniqueness of these podcast conferences 2022 lies in the several sessions for those looking for animation, video game voiceovers, and radio DJing.

5. Brussels Podcast Festival 2022

April 8th to April 10th | Brussels, Belgium

The Brussels Podcast Festival is a brand new festival launching in 2022. It will feature educational sessions, roundtables, and networking opportunities with others in the space.

Being one of the podcasting conferences you should attend in 2022, Brussels Podcast Festival intends to bring together podcasters, content creators, and industry influencers in Belgium to learn new ways to grow their business while also fostering new talent. It will be an annual event in Brussels and may expand over time.

6. Radiodays Europe 

May 15th to 17th | Malmo, Sweden

Radiodays Europe is a festival that brings together many entertainment professionals in the space, including podcasters, producers, authors, and readers. The conference will offer education, networking opportunities, and roundtables with industry leaders to help you learn new techniques.

7. The Podcast Show London 

May 25th to 26th | London, England

The Podcast Show is an annual conference started by radio and podcast host Sean Thomas in 2017 that brings together a variety of podcasters, industry influencers, and other entertainment industry members to connect, learn, and even make money.

The event will also include roundtables, panel discussions, and workshops on business, marketing, and social media.

8. Podfest Expo 

May 26th to 29th | Hilton Orlando, Orlando Florida

The Podfest Expo is a three-day event filled with educational programming, networking opportunities, and show showcases at the Casino in Las Vegas and Mandalay Bay Resort.

You can learn about new audio equipment on the podcasting expo floor, attend seminars to grow your business, or get an opportunity to have your show featured on major networks.

9. Blk Pod Festival 

May 28th to 29th | Atlanta, GA

The Black Pod Festival will bring together podcasters with other music and spoken word professionals to learn new ways to grow their business while connecting over music.

It will also include live art, spoken word and career sessions that you can take advantage of.

Final Thoughts On Podcasting Conferences You Should Attend In 2022  

Pay attention to this compendium of podcasting Conferences you should attend in 2022. They are your best bet to learn about podcasting business models, grow your brand, and gain new perspectives.

Prepare to also learn from the most successful podcasters out there. Their insight and experience will educate you on improving your show and being the best at what you do.

Let’s also remind you once again that Disctopia will be at the Podcast Movement 2022 in Los Angeles. We look forward to meeting, networking and interacting with podcasters.