What You Might Be Missing On Your Facebook Page

For every indie artist, a Facebook page is a must. Most of your fans might not visit your Facebook page once again following their first visit. If your stuff is arriving at them in their feed, they might see it or they might not. However, the importance of a Facebook page cannot be underestimated. It helps to reach out to new listeners, reconnect with an older fan and do a lot of promotion to your music. To achieve the said purpose, you must optimize your Facebook page. Here are a few components of a Facebook page that most musicians seem to miss out. These aspects can help impress the new visitors and turn them into your new fans.

Missing on Facebook

Put up a cover video

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a million words. It is a prudent move to plant a 20 to a 90-second video on top of your Facebook page. Set it to play automatically when a visitor lands on your page. The video can be made to convey your vibe, accomplishments or message without the sounds on.

Include a call to action

If you are looking forward to selling CDs, you need to make people visit your site or get started with a conversation messenger. You can achieve all of this by including a call to action button on top of your Facebook page in a way that makes it stand out. Since the visitor might not visit your page once again, it is essential that the purpose is achieved during their very first visit.

Put up a reference to the call to action on the video or cover image

The online world is cluttered with a lot of unwanted things. People are becoming immune to action messaging and ads. Hence, it is necessary to idiot-proof your page. You can make the effective use of your cover video to grab their attention to the call to action button located just below the header. While designing the visuals, you must make sure that the content is compatible and playable on different devices and can assure the best viewing experience on all kinds of screens.

Have a few products

Merchandise is a great way to make some extra money. Have some excellent collections of merchandise that can interest your customers along with your CDs and other music related stuff. Even if you have only one product to start with, never hesitate to sell it on your website. If conceived well and executed meticulously in exciting ways, merchandise can help generate an additional income on a regular basis even if it is only a little.

Make your ‘About’ page unique and informative

If you have not thought about this so far, it is time to make the most of your visitor’s curiosity to know about you and your music. Since most of them might not come back after their first visit, make your information precise and impressive enough to create a lasting impression in their minds. Following these tips to enhance your Facebook page will encourage a lot of fans to visit your page time and again for quite a few reasons.