Chixtape 5 Review: New Music from Tory Lanez

Chixtape 5 Review
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Chixtape 5

Tory Lanez released has 5th iteration of the “Chixtape” series. It is his artistic remix and recreation of unanimously loved songs throughout the years. His takes on these songs often bring spice and life back to what were seemingly untouchable classics. With features from well-known artists such as Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, T-Pain, and more, Tory does a fantastic job of keeping his listeners on their toes.

Chixtape 5 is currently Tory Lanez highest charting work, and with good reason too. While some of its success may be attributed to its release on the Apple Music platform, you can truly tell he took this project seriously. While I’m not a huge Tory Lanez fan, I have listened to a few old and odd singles here and there (Tim Duncan, I Got the Keys remix, Proud Family, etc.). I am very aware of just how talented he CAN be.

The Album is Fantastic!

He shows off his talent by exposing his vocal abilities and his talent to catch a beat. His ear for music is extremely evident, as he makes every song arguably BETTER on this album. Sometimes I stop and wonder if that’s the nostalgia talking, but I genuinely enjoyed “The Take” (a remix of “Take you Down” by Chris Brown) more than the original. The ability that Tory has to hear an old hit and know what to add to it to revitalize it, is extremely talented. A song like “Jerry Sprunger” which was remixed from T-Pain’s hit single “I’m Sprung” added dozens of instruments and sounds that made it so much more hype than it was before.

To conclude, I think this album is fantastic. If you’re just getting into Tory Lanez, or haven’t tried to before, this is a great place to start. Every song on Chixtape 5 is a great listen. I hope the album continues to get the recognition it deserves.