The 3 Greatest Moments in Independent Artists History

Independent Artists history

While there have been significant moments in music, all of which have culminated in changing how we experience and listen to music. Outside of the mainstream, there have been events that have changed independent artists’ history.

Look at it from the angle of Beethoven’s Symphony No 9, Rapper’s Delight by Sugar Hill gang that paved the way for Kendrick Lamar, Biggie, and other hip hop acts, or the Moonwalk that was popularized by MJ. These moments are turn around scenes for the entire music industry.

Independent Artists History

Just as we’ve experienced in the mainstream, we’ve highlighted three moments in indie music. These three moments are game changes as far as indie artists are concerned. You may not have noticed the moments; that’s why we’ll bring it to your notice.

1. When Chance The Rapper Won Three Grammys

This was a moment when the story of indie artists was rewritten. Chance The Rapper showed the indie music industry that it’s possible to be indie and be successful. Today, Chance The Rapper comes to mind when you think of indie artists that found fame, success, and accolades without the backing of a major record label.

Chance The Rapper has never made his disgust for major record labels hidden. He has continually been at the forefront of restating his resolve for remaining independence. At long last, his standpoint earned him international fame and recognition.

Even though his success pattern isn’t realistic for every indie artist, what Chance The Rapper has achieved has renewed the resolve of thousands of indie artists. Aside from winning three Grammys at the 59th Edition of the award, Chance The Rapper is the yardstick millions of indie artists use to measure their success.

2. When Indie Artists Earn More Than Label Artists

No one could have pictured a point when an indie artist will stand a better chance than a record label artist. Maybe this will give you a better clue why Kanye West won’t stop fighting his record label.

We are in the era of streaming revenue, and none of the label artists stands a chance of earning what indie artists stand to gain. Let’s put this into perspective, while a label artist makes about 18.4 cents of every dollar; the indie artist expects 64.18 cents of every dollar.

Who would have believed that the independent artists’ history could be rewritten to favor indie artists. With the growth in streaming revenues, indie artists stand a better chance of making a good kill out of their income. They can even milk it as much as they want by adopting any creative release models.

3. Becoming The Fastest Growing Segment of The Industry

Sound unbelievable, right? Yes, but you need to believe this as one of the greatest moments in independent artists’ history. When the indie music segment outran the major labels and gave them a run for their money.

Seeing what is being achieved in the indie music segment, the major record labels started floating indie record labels. They also started making their contracts appear as a partnership rather than a slave-master relationship.

Regardless of what the record labels try to copy from indie music, the table has turned. They can start playing catchup until artists signed to their labels can detach themselves.

Final Thoughts

These three moments will go down as the greatest in independent artist history. All of these events have made indie artists realize the immense potentials of their segment of the industry.

Much progress will still be recorded as indie artists take advantage of Disctopia and other similar platforms in earning from their art.