Top 5 Indie Albums of 2020: So Far, Indie Good

Indie Albums of 2020

We’ve got to overlook the mess that 2020 has made of our lives and move on to live our lives. As gloomy as the year might have been, there has been a light at the end of the tunnel. All thanks to top indie albums released amid the pandemic. This has helped many to keep their heads afloat and steer clear of depression the pandemic threw in our ways.

To be sincere, the only thing that the year 2020 has in abundance is incredible indie music. Since the year started, keeping up with the indie album release has been a difficult task. Nonetheless, we keep our ears and eyes open at Disctopia to be able to sift through the scores of indie albums of 2020.

Indie Albums of 2020

We arrived at five awesome indie music albums that 2020 has blessed us with. We are talking about beautiful works of art that we can’t stop jamming to.

1. Fetch The Bolt Cutter

Artist: Fiona Apple.

In the last 25 years, Fiona Apple has blessed our airwaves with five albums. All of which can be regarded as some of the best indie albums. Her last album was in 2012, and she has outdone herself this time with Fetch The Bolt Cutter.

In recent times, there’s rarely an album that has engaged our minds as much as Fiona has done with her new album. The album has a slice of revolutionary and repulsive. Not forgetting her catchy choruses delivered in a never seen before melody.

Listening to Fiona might appear like hearing a prophet speaking in unknown tongues. By listening carefully, she’s getting at something important.

2. Every Bad

Artist: Porridge Radio.

In Every Bad, Porridge Radio educated us on how difficult it can be navigating through other people’s emotions while dealing with ours. In what we regard as one of the top indie albums of 2020, Every Bad made us understand that we can’t have all the answers, and it’s ok to be confused.

What Porridge Radio has done with pop songs is beyond what many of their fans could ever have envisaged. Even though you’ll first think of their songs as a therapeutic shout, it’s indeed a form of therapy listening to Every Bad.

The band is doing a great job capturing their fans and their minds with every word of their lyrics. A task that seems quite impossible in a world filled with the chaos we live in.

3. Neon Cross

Artist/Band: Jamie Wyatt

It took Jamie a lot to get here, and she’s not taking all of the small and giant steps she’s made for granted. That’s why she poured all of into what is going down as one of the top indie albums of 2020.

After struggling and overcoming drug addiction, Jamie channeled all of her pain, stories, and struggles into Neon Cross. What Jamie seeks to achieve is to turn this album into an addiction for many, and that’s exactly what she’s been able to achieve so far.

You’ll find out that this album can help you heal and comfort you in the process. In the end, it’ll help you take your minds off your worries while you focus on the light at the end of the long dark tunnel.

4. Devotion

Artist/Band: Margret Glaspy

The last time we all heard from Margret was in 2016 with her album titled Emotions and Maths. We think she has been able to situate her emotions while also applying the almighty formula in solving her issues.

That’s why she has come out with another indie album of 2020 titled Devotion. The four years gap between her album is indeed worth it, as Devotion is probably one of the cleanest and clearest albums you’ll ever listen to this year.

Of a fact, no one knows the inspiration behind her latest album. We are just assuming that for an artist that spends a good part of her time touring, the inspiration couldn’t be far from being on the road.

5. Punisher

Artist: Phoebe Bridgers

There’s a combination of elements that earned Punisher a spot on our list of top indie albums of 2020. The orchestral arrangements and a pedigree that trails Phoebe from her days of Stranger in the Alps start from the songwriting.

While you may be attracted to the album by the unique imagery, you’ll also find fascinating the experimental sounds you’ll find in the Punisher.

What Phoebe has done with the album is to document her journey as an indie artist. One who was able to surpass the glory of her debut album. Lessons from the album will be found useful by upcoming indie artists.

Final Thoughts

While the year is not gone, these indie albums of 2020 are those we can’t stop listening to. These indie artists have shown a high level of creativity that has got us all pumped with adrenaline despite the year’s gloomy nature.

Let’s know what you are listening to and consider your best indie albums of 2020.