Independent Artists: 7 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier

Indie Artist playing the piano

Today, being an independent artist is the trend. However, there’s more to being an indie artist than being able to produce great music. In no time, you’ll find yourself collaborating with other artists, going on shows, scheduling gigs, and getting the full gist of the music business.

being an independent artist

As you journey through the indie artist lifestyle, you’d come across a bunch of stuff you would have wish you’ve known earlier. To save you’re the hassle of learning on the way, we’ve brought together 7 of such things;

1. Being an Independent Artist is a Marathon and Not a Sprint

Mozart, Beethoven, and other greats created their masterpieces around the 10,000-hour mark.

Of course, you’ll have the plan of achieving overnight success. You better dispose of the thoughts right away. It’ll bring you nothing but disappointment.

There’s quite a stiff competition out there, not just from the record label artists but even from fellow indie artists.

Even if you achieve success, don’t expect it to last long.

2. If Content is King, Then Distribution is Queen

A king can’t be king without the strength of his Queen.

There’s an infinite amount of music out there, and only a limited portion will ever get to the right audience. What then is the essence of producing a masterpiece after long hours of paying your dues if it can’t reach your audience?

Don’t focus on just producing great music; let your gaze also be on being everywhere.

3. Opportunities Will Not Fall Into Your Laps

The onus falls on you to create your opportunities.

The number one reason why thousands of indie artists don’t achieve success is expecting opportunities to locate them.

That’s never going to happen. Even if it does, you’ve got to be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities.

Have you ever wondered why talented indie artists never experience any breakthrough? You now know why.

4. You’ll Find Yourself Playing To An Empty Room

It’s not a big deal to play to an empty room; take it as part of the training process.

There will be a time when you’ll find yourself singing to an empty room, don’t be bothered as most indie artists have done through the same route.

What matters is the lesson you take out of such emptiness. Listen to the echo of your voice and learn to be your number one fan.

5. Music is part of a Larger Puzzle

There’s more to being an indie artist than just the music.

While the whole idea of being an indie artist is centered around playing music, know it’s beyond that.

For a fact, music is not the only thing that matters as far as being an indie artist is concerned.

There’s the commercial and logistic perspective to achieving the success you crave. You need to be able to find the balance.

6. A Book is Always Judged By Its Cover in the Music Industry

First impressions, looking the part, and branding yourself is vital.

The saying “never judge a book by its cover” does not apply to you as an indie artist. It’s the direct opposite in your case.

Focus on scoring highly on first impressions while also investing in looking the part as an indie artist.

Start with professional photos, well-crafted bios, press kit, and an excellent social media presence.

7. Take Your Visuals Serious

We live in a generation where seeing is important than believing

You’ve probably heard the catchphrase “seeing is believing”, they were referring to the music industry.

Than ever before, there is much focus on videos. Your talent does not count if a dope video does not accompany your song as an indie artist.

Even if everyone listens to you at first, you can only cement the limelight with the right visuals.

Final Thoughts

While there are hundreds of stuff you’d wish you have known earlier, these seven can give you the head start you need being an independent artist.

Keep your heads up and don’t stop learning while taking your failure in strides.