7 Little Changes To Make a Big Difference in Your Indie Music

Indie Musician

To succeed in independent music, everything begins and ends with the right song. It’s not enough to have 100% creative control, and liberty, the quality of your music weighs more than your freedom.

succeed in independent music

Surviving in the music industry is far different from thriving. You may not be far from your big break as an indie artist. All that may be missing is those tiny details that often result in a big break

That’s why we’ll be going over the little changes that help you succeed in independent music and bring about exceptional results.

1. Seek Good Advisers

What do you expect your loved ones and family to say about your new single? They will only be interested in massaging your ego.

That’s why your grandma will always tell you she’s proud of you.

Look for those who have failed severally and gotten back up. Especially anyone within the creative industry. You’ll be given critical yet constructive advice, one that your craft needs to succeed in independent music.

2. Follow The Money

Often, you’ll hear people advise you to run after fame first as an indie artist. Fine, you can, but your bank account needs to be healthy also.

Choose one of the three; touring, branding and publishing.

Either of these routes will significantly improve your craft while also adding quite some zeros in your bank account.

3. Learn How to Produce Your Sound

For a fact, the days of needing big recording studios are about to be over. Moreover, you don’t have the luxury to chase around big-name producers.

For what its worth, you’ll need to up your game of music production.

Of course, there will be a learning curve, but the earlier you start, the better. You’ll see your music getting better with practice.

4. Use Social Media To Engage Your Fans

A critical aspect of being an indie artist today is having a social media presence. It should engage your fans and reflect your brand objectives.

Everything on social media should not be about your music but related to your life and the music industry. Don’t be too carried away by the paparazzi of social media.

Let every minute count on social media and help you succeed in independent music.

5. Leverage on Visuals

We are living in the age of video, mostly short-form videos. As much as possible, strive to feed your fans with videos.

It does not matter if it’s just a 15 seconds video. Ensure you put out quality content.

Make use of Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and other video sharing platforms. There are people who are hungry for this content, feed them.

6. Make Your Songs Playlist Friendly

The independent music and even the entire music industry is playlist focused. As you would have realized by now, playlists can get your songs on the lips of your target audience.

There should be no long intros and outros. Your songs should be under 4 minutes and hook from the beginning.

Limit expletives as much as possible.

7. Learn How to Write a Press Release

It would help if you were friends with people in the media, and it’s all starts with your ability to write a press release. No one expects you to write a top-notch press release but something good enough to make their job easier.

As simple as it appears, this is often neglected by most independent artists. Forgetting that a press release is a medium to gain the proper attention and traction for your music.

Final Thoughts on Little Changes to Help You Succeed in Independent music

Little details matter a lot. All of these 7 points may be areas you’ve overlooked, that should not be the scenario any longer.

Make it a point of duty to implement these little changes, and you’ll see things in a brighter perspective.