“Wildfire II”: New Music from ‘T. Walker’ on Disctopia

A plethora of Indie Artists have been releasing new music on Disctopia, and we just want to keep you in the loop. Greensboro, NC Indie Artist, ‘T. Walker’, dropped some new heat for the people: “Wildfire II”.  The best way that I can explain the new single is by simply saying: it’s that thing that you have, but never knew you needed!!! I never knew that I need to be exposed to T. Walker. I never knew that I needed “Wildfire II” in my music catalog.
           T. Walker categorizes himself as a hip-hop and spoken word artist. When listening to his new release, it’s easy to see why he could fall into the two categories. There’s a flow to his music, that can be considered a solid cross between hip-hop and spoken word. Overall, the song has a dope vibe to it. His lyrics aren’t just nice over the music, they’re very visual. With each bar that he spits, I can visualize it in my head. He includes a lot of imagery. T. Walker opens up to his personal experiences in “Wildfire II”. His music makes you feel a connection- it makes you feel as though you met him personally.
           T. Walker has plenty of music to listen to and vibe off of, on Disctopia. Be it, full albums or single releases. Be sure to go check out his catalog and show this young local some love!