“DJ RUN THAT BACK!”: ‘DuPont Brass’ Disctopia #TBT

HAPPY THROWBACK THURSDAY!!! We celebrate today by reminding you of some of the amazing music found on Disctopia. Today’s #TBT artist and album is: ‘DuPont Brass’, with their album, “Eclectic Soul”. ‘DuPont Brass’ is an eclectic, soulful, brass ensemble hailing from D.C. Metropolitan Area. Beginning with 5 members, the group is now composed of an 8-piece ensemble.

There are a couple of things that make an album great. One of those things is based on the first track. The first track can usually determine the mood and the experience of the rest of the album. It sets the tone. It can be the reason that you continue to listen to or the reason that you refuse to listen any further. In the case of “Eclectic Soul”, the first track of the album is an INSTANT selling point. Track one, “Downtown”, makes a new listener pose the question, “Who is that??” The album takes classics such as: “I Love Music” by the O’jays, and “Girls, Girls, Girls” by Jay-Z, and adds a new spin. Some songs are JUST music and other songs have a lead vocalist. Either way, the album is amazing.

To all of my music fanatics, this one is for you!! So, take a second and throw it back this Thursday with “DuPont Brass” and their album, “Eclectic Soul”, on Disctopia.