Why We Love Independent Artists (And You Should, Too!)

Why We Love Independent Artists

By the time you’ll be reading this, it’ll be a few days after Valentines’ day. That does not mean you cannot show, express, and confess your love to those you care about. Here at Disctopia, all of our love goes to independent artists. If you are wondering why we love independent artists, we’ll show you why. Of course, we hope that you’ll see reasons for our love and fall in love with indie artists and their arts too.

Why We Love Independent Artists

The reason why we love independent artists is found in their own words and opinions. There’s always a lot to love about indie artists, and you’ll see it in their own words;

  • No One Will Put More Love and Sweat Into You Than You! – Freedom Fry

This position can’t be farther from the truth. Regardless of the changes, the love and passion indie artists have for their art will never wane or dissipate.

Indie artists are their own cheerleaders. Since there’s no deadline to meet, they are free to put out their art when it’s at its best.

  • Owning The 100% of Everything – Z

Enormous power comes with being an indie artist. There’s a lot of creative power at their disposal, one they can wield at any time and moment.

Once they lay their hands on the tools and resources needed as an indie artist, they often grow into the best. This is often guided by the fact that they own 100% of everything.

  • Growing in The Business and Art of MusicEmma McGann

While they can keep hold of the creative liberty and control, there’s also the challenges that come with it. Through the challenges, indie artists can learn and grow.

The growth is not just about the music but in the aspect of marketing and business.

  • Zero Compromise on Individual Artistic Standards – Brown and Gray, Sam Wills.

No music executive is breathing down your neck on what to produce and when to release the music. Indie artists are 100% accountable to themselves and no one else.

This translates to zero compromises on their art. When you listen to music from an indie artist, you’ll realize its art in an undiluted form.

  • Extremely Empowering and Inspiring – Spencer Ludwig

With all the resources available today, the task of being an indie artist has become easier than ever. This is why indie artists can be an inspiration to many with little effort.

Being able to own their masters, cut out go-betweens and still make a global impact is extremely empowering and inspiring. If you are finding a reason to love indie artists, look from this perspective.

  • From Idea To Success – Omyo

There’s usually no team or management for many indie artists, which makes every little success sweeter. The ability to take an idea from scratch and take it to actualization usually means a lot to indie artists.

There’s a lot of magic involved, which makes it a big deal when success is achieved.

  • Pursuing Music In Its Beautiful and Innocent Form – Dan Miz

Staying in control of your music translates to staying in control of your destiny. Through indie music, we can experience music in its beautiful and innocent form.

Moreso, those in the music industry often forget the innocent nature of music. Usually, the focus is on the business angle of music. But for indie artists, pursuing music often about creativity.

  • Ability to Grow Organically – Laura Misch

Unlike mainstream music, indie artists experience organic growth. Growing as an indie artist is comparable to gardening; it involved patience and hard work.

In the end, indie artists grow in the understanding of their art. It’s quite a lot of work without a record label, but the organic growth is worth it in the end.

Final Thoughts

We’ve heard from the horses’ mouth. These indie artists have given us a reason to love them. By now, you must have seen many reasons to love indie artists.

Tell us, what has caught your fancy about independent artists?

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