7 Undeniable Reasons People Hate Independent Music

Hate Independent Music

It’s beyond making offensive music; expect that people will hate you for making independent music at a point in your life. The thing is that even those without an understanding of indie music want to hate it for no justifiable reason.

The deal is that you’ll be called out for either being a fan of indie music or being an indie artist. Go through Reddit, Quora, and other forums, you’ll see people’s posture to independent music. When you read through the comments, you’ll see that the hatred is for no just cause.

Hate Independent Music

To this end, we’ve gathered all of the reasons why people hate independent music;

1. The Lack of Understanding Of Indie Music

People tend to hate whatever they fail to understand. That’s exactly the scenario that brews the hate for independent music.

The lack of a definition of indie music is the primary reason for the hate. People have, therefore, attached a negative connotation to indie music.

2. Indie Music Does Not Nail Down to a Specific Sound

Most people’s opinion is that indie music is made up of whatever music they’ve not been opportune to hear.

These individuals are not searching for new music as they stick to the same outlet for years for their music. Anything that isn’t played on the radio will have to be wrong and not fit for their ears.

3. They Think Those who Listen to Indie Music Feels Elitist

Yes, it does happen that you were arguing with someone who claims they have a better taste in music than you. When asked what they listen to, they mention songs and artists you’ve never heard of.

That does not mean everyone in indie music shares the same opinion of superiority.

4. Avoiding The “Hipsters” Tag

The erroneous belief is that anyone that listens to music outside of the mainstream is a hipster.

Most indie artists are still upcoming, and the understanding of hipster music is related to music not known to the public. In the debate about music, people try to avoid the hipster tag and breeding further the hatred.

5. Indie Music Being Tagged Boring, Unexciting and Unoriginal

You would have come across people who hate independent music because they feel it’s unoriginal.

Any indie music isn’t unique to them, just a blend of old rock music with new aesthetics. However, history has shown that every subculture in music is often loathed before being accepted.

6. Because It’s Not Rebellious Enough

The hate for independent music can also be due to it being perceived not to be rebellious enough. Many people assume that indie artists and groups fail to take action.

Indie artists are only good at singing sappy lyrics along with a mediocre play of instrument.

7. The Whiteness of Indie Music

One of the reasons for the hatred for independent music is a matter of color. Indie music is considered to be too white. Check through music blogs; many pieces focus on the unbearable whiteness of indie music.

Yet, millions of non-white people listen to indie music. The thought that indie music is white needs to be struck out.

Final Thought

As you would have noticed by now, most of the reasons why people hate independent music is a factor of prejudice and stereotype.

A closer look into independent music and all of the hate will fizzle away.