FOCUS!: Indie Artist Stability or Fame?

When you are an independent musician, it is natural that you like to become famous as quickly as possible. Though this is never a goal that can be discouraged in budding artists, you need to reflect on what must be your prime focus — gaining stability or becoming famous.


Indie Artist Stability or Fame

Forget the old ways

Not long ago, the music industry had to rely completely on the vanity. They had been making a big emphasis on huge front covers, gigantic stadium shows, private jets, a wide public relations campaign and many others. However, the growth of the internet has brought a paradigm shift in the way we all work and approach things in life. In the domain of music business, we have learned how to connect with real humans on the internet rather than by spending a lot of money. We can, in fact, see a level playing field for all independent artists without having to spend a lot of money on creating a vow effect.

Some insights to develop

The point to reflect on now is this. Though the major labels still continue to invest in the traditional ways that are expensive to become popular, independent artists can take advantage of the possibility to think differently. Press releases cannot get you as many fans as you might imagine. Activities like producing a costly video and spending on the conventional marketing strategies can never give you that winning edge anymore in proportion to your spending and efforts.

Be smart

Since you cannot spend in a big way on music videos and campaigns, it is prudent to spend time on achieving some sort of stability. Create different streams of income and make a living from music rather than thinking of posting a large budget video on YouTube that hardly has generated any views. When you strive to achieve stability, fame will come searching for you as a bi-product automatically.