Be On the Lookout!: The Griselda Come-Up

Griselda records artists/members are wearing black shirts. They are standing in front of a blue and green backdrop.

Benny the Butcher and the Griselda Records label have been extremely hard working and active in the rap community in the last 3 months. Not only has Benny been nominated as an XXL Freshman rapper, but the label has been on several internet shows freestyling. Griselda has started a small series on their self-named YouTube Channel. Benny, Conway the Machine, and Westside Gunn have been hard at work all of 2019 to set the groundwork for 2020. It’s safe to say Griselda will be a major label in years to come.

Griselda Records
Griselda Records-Photo Cred: Dj Booth

Out of all the mixtapes, albums, videos and freestyles I’ve consumed, these 3 seem to be some of the most hungry and hard-working artists I’ve heard in a while. You can tell they aren’t comfortable with staying stagnant in rap. They will do whatever is necessary to come up in the game. Rappers like ‘DaBaby’ and ‘Megan Thee Stallion’ are also artists that I feel are very dedicated to hard work and getting better as artists. However, Benny the Butcher and Griselda are on a different level. In an interview on one of their YouTube videos, Conway talks about how Benny is ALWAYS ready to record music. Be it, off the top of his head or quickly writing lyrics. The story of going from East Buffalo drug dealers to major names in the rap game are true rags to riches dreams.

While I’ve been into Benny for a while now, I haven’t dipped into Conway or Westside’s discography. I plan to do so throughout the year. Be on the lookout for them in the following months, because I definitely will be.