Helpful Hints for Indie Artists Using Automation

Automation is a boon technology that has been gifted to every sphere of human activity. Over the past few decades, we have learned and mastered a lot of creative ways of using automation to simplify and sophisticate the way we do things.


Indie Artists Using Automation

Automation can certainly benefit the independent musicians in their business. For instance, tools like HootSuite, Buffer, and IFTTT can help in automating some tasks in writing and producing music. However, overdoing it can only ruin the very purpose you are going to achieve from it. As someone said, we must realize that automation is meant to empower humans, but not replace them.

Never automate what you share with your audience

Never use an algorithm to find out articles and auto-schedule them. Imagine if some feeds that hit them on their day from you are pornographic or something debunking the climate change or some offending stuff, you are going to spend the rest of your day only to put out the fires. This can take a toll on your time, effort, reputation and peace of mind. However, you can automate when you will share the feeds with your fans. It is a pretty cool idea to hit them with amazing and inspiring things early in the morning to give enough food for the whole day.

Automate cross-posting only as much as necessary

While posting an article, event or photo, you can use robots to spread them across multiple channels. While blogging, WordPress plugins can tweet your post and cross-post it on other channels. On every platform, respond to comments personally. BandPage can help you as a kind of automated calendar to cross-post new events and concerts. This can save you a lot of time every time you book a new show.

Automate to rekindle and deepen the relationship with your fans

When your audience grows, you can share with them some of your old works they might have probably missed out. This can help deepen the relationship. While this can be automated on WordPress plugin, follow some specific rules to get the best out of it. Re-post only a very few times in a day and only automate to post those items you place into a special category. Never try to automate selling messages since it can intimidate the audience.