Work Smarter, Not Harder: Building an Indie Musicians Career

Being an independent musician is not a straightforward role. You have to be good at many things to build your career successfully given the tough competition around.


Building an Indie Musicians Career

You will have to assume different roles connected to managing your business including those of producer, director, coordinator, administrative personnel, social media coordinator, fundraising agent, booking personnel and many more. Especially in the field of arts like music, self-building your career will mean working with an eye on long-term goals. It is also necessary to discover ways to be efficient and choosy with your time. Here are a few tips for musicians to work smarter and not harder.

Prioritize the tasks at hand

The information age bombards us with new pieces of information from all around and it is hence easy to get lost and lose track of a task at hand despite multiple devices to remind us. To be effective, we need to cultivate the art of unitasking rather than multitasking. This is possible by prioritizing the tasks in front of you and stay organized. In this way, you will feel less stressful and more productive.

Subtract the unnecessary items from your to-do list

Often your to-do list can get cluttered with too many unnecessary tasks and agendas. Spend some time regularly to de-clutter your to-do list to keep it manageable and practicable highlighting the most important ones first.

Manage your time effectively

While allotting time for the different tasks on the list of to do things, plan meticulously to be practical and realistic. When it comes to doing them, discover ways to avoid wastage of time and save as much time as possible to invest in more productive tasks.

Learn to relax

Working non-stop over all the waking hours is neither practical nor advisable. Find some time regularly to relax with your hobbies and interests. If your interests happen to coincide with those related to your career, you are at a double advantage.

Review the done list from time to time

Once the tasks are over, keep a done list and review this list periodically for follow-up and necessary remedial action and gathering inputs for improvement. This can help you get more from what you have done.