‘The Gathering Spot’: Charlotte’s Hidden Treasure

Music band on stage in front of a red curtain.

Queen City

It’s amazing to witness the growth of Charlotte, NC- ESPECIALLY having grown up in the city. What’s even more amazing is watching Charlotte’s multi-talented inhabitants flourish. True: Rapper, ‘The Baby’, is without question one of the hottest artists out, currently representing the Queen City. Also, true: That’s not where the talent ends!

The Gathering Spot

This past Sunday, in the back of a popular brewery in the heart of NODA, some of Charlotte’s (and surrounding areas) most talented creatives came together for ‘The Gathering Spot’; a live, music platform for local artists to exhibit their musical talent. The Gathering spot is the first of its kind in Charlotte and it’s thanks to the female dynamic duo, ‘BRAVE Entertainment’ and incredibly dope DJ, Fannie Mae. The Gathering Spot provided an opportunity for the artists to showcase their talents. It also provided new music, a new sound and new Sunday night vibes to its spectators. The show’s lineup included indie artists such as Greg Cox, Niito, BRAVE Entertainment, and Fannie Mae. Each performance carried the artists’ style and individual approach.

The Gathering Spot
BRAVE Entertainment-Photo Cred: J. Lamar
The Gathering Spot
Dj Fannie Mae- Photo Cred: J. Lamar

What’s to Come?

The atmosphere was incredible! However, I will admit that the show’s attendance was low. All of that undeniable talent deserved more witnessing. Perhaps the attendance could be attributed to lack of publicizing, outside factors that were out of the hosts’ control or perhaps the all too familiar, lack of support for locals. Who knows!? The fact of the matter is, Charlotte and other surrounding cities are filled with PLENTY of music enthusiasts, who missed out.

The Gathering Spot
Niito lead singer, Aarik-Photo Cred: J. Lamar

Without a doubt, The Gathering Spot has the potential to become one of the city’s leading live music platforms for indie artists. It brought exposure, comradery and a safe place for artists and creatives. Honestly, Charlotte NEEDS more of that. I look forward to the upcoming Gathering Spot’s and future events put on by BRAVE and Fannie Mae. I am excited to watch The Gathering Spot grow and expand and become the launching pad for the rest of Charlotte’s quiet talent.