How to Grow and Monetize Podcasts Like a Pro

How to Grow and Monetize Podcasts

Let’s start by stating that regardless of how passionate you are about podcasting or your niche, there’s still the place of hard work, effort, and time to be invested. To keep your podcast running, you need to go beyond being a hobbyist, mastering how to grow and monetize podcasts like a pro.    Look around […]

How To Create Audiograms To Increase Your Podcast Traffic by 500%

Increase Your Podcast Traffic by 500%

Before you start reading, here’s a guarantee; you will be able to increase your podcast traffic by 5X if you utilize this secret. Except you have an existing audience being migrated from other platforms, you will likely start with zero listeners and downloads on day one. In this Podcast 101 piece, we’ll look at how to increase […]

Why Nobody Cares About Your Podcast

Podcast Growth

Is anyone listening to your podcast, or no one even know your podcast exists? To experience podcast growth, you need to ascertain if your podcast is getting the right amount of listeners. We are not referring to listeners from among your circle. Today, about 1 in every smartphone owner consumes one podcast or another. There […]