Why Nobody Cares About Your Podcast

Podcast Growth

Is anyone listening to your podcast, or no one even know your podcast exists? To experience podcast growth, you need to ascertain if your podcast is getting the right amount of listeners. We are not referring to listeners from among your circle.

Today, about 1 in every smartphone owner consumes one podcast or another. There are approximately 3.5 billion smartphone users from the 7.7 billion total world population. Statistically, there are about 700 million podcast consumers globally. This is the more reason why you should bother; if no one cares about your podcast.

While you may be bothered, there’s a fact you need to understand also. It’s not just about you; lack of attention affects all forms of content creators. Whenever you find yourself talking to an audience, you’ll still find people who care less about your message.

Podcast Growth

The Pareto Principle applies; you’ll discover that only one is deeply interested in every 5 of your audience. You’ll see about three that are somewhat interested, while there will be that single person that does not care about what you are saying and what they stand to benefit.

Beyond the issue of cause and effect, people may not care about your podcast if you err in the following ways;

1. Worrying About Those Who Are Not Listening

For every podcast, there is a target audience. The implication is that it’s not everyone that will love your content. Look at Apple, Google, Nike, Facebook, and Twitter; despite the results they’ve achieved over the years, there are still people who don’t rate them well.

There are people who won’t still watch The Avengers, Black Panther, or Rocky, despite being blockbusters.

You only need a minute percentage of a loyal audience. Never be worried if you can only connect with a limited number of listeners; the few might be all you need to experience podcast growth.

2. Not Creating Content For Your Target Audience

Look at the first point above; not everyone will listen to your podcast. However, you’ll be pissing off your target audience if you do not create the right content that addresses their needs.

The mistake of numerous podcasters is trying to win over those who are not listening to them by creating different content.

Focus on satisfying your target audience’s needs. Think of them as your constituents that deserve all of your attention.

3. Your Podcast Title is Thwarting

While you may not have had the chance to choose your name, you have all the prerogative of selecting the right title for your podcast. In answering why no one cares about your podcast, you need to go over your title. Ask yourself if you would have clicked to listen if you come across the title.

Before anyone knows what you are offering, they first process your podcast title. Once they see your podcast title looking like an arithmetic test question, they will likely skip it.

Imagine these titles; “James Bonding,” or “Pause, I’ve Got More Than Little To Say,” maybe “When Diplomacy Fails.”

Look towards having titles that get your potential listeners curious about what you’ve got to say.

4. May Be Your Voice Lack Energy and Enthusiasm

“Anyone, anyone” that’s the one-liner of the teacher in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Why should anyone listen to you when your voice could cause them to lose all of their energy and passion for the day.

It would help if you did not sound like a timid kid from the back of the class who was forced to lead a team. It’s quite painful to listen to such a bloodless voice.

Listen carefully to yourself. Do you sound like a game-changer? The answer to this question lies with your audience.

It does not matter if your content is right; your voice has to sit well with your audience.

5. What Are You Doing To Raise Awareness About Your Podcast?

Growing your audience is beyond how great your content is or how captivating your sound while reeling out the content. It’s a factor of what you are doing to grow from the first ten listeners you had for your first podcast to whatever height you’ve envisaged.

Podcast growth will not come overnight. You can start measuring your success, maybe after a year of podcasting.

Don’t be worried about the number, be concerned about the efforts you are making to go from point A to B. Rather than think no one care about your podcast, maybe they don’t know about it.

Final Thoughts

Podcast growth doesn’t happen overnight. It occurs when and if you can proffer answers to all of these questions and concerns.

The earlier you start providing the answers, you’ll start seeing the results. Then, you’ll know a lot care about your podcast.