“Rain”: The Teskey Brothers Single Review

During one of my late-night Twitter scrolls, I may have come across one of the most beautiful performances of 2019. Just in time for the round off of the year, COLOR provides us with one of the most heartfelt, genuinely intriguing, and ecstatic performances it has ever given us: “Rain” by the ‘Teskey Brothers‘.

The Teskey Brothers Rain
The Teskey Brothers- Photo Cred: The Partae

The Teskey Brothers

The band consists of Josh Teskey (lead vocalist), Sam Teskey (lead guitar), Brandon Love and Liam Gough (both bass guitar and drums). They started their Australian Blues Rock band in 2008. The style of music the band creates pairs quite well with Josh Teskey’s raspy, strong, and triumphant vocals. Josh’s ability to hold notes for prolonged stanzas in the song is almost like listening to an angel whisper in your ear.

I often find it difficult to enjoy Blues/Rock bands of this generation. This is because I admittedly don’t find them as appealing as past Blues Rock icons such as the Isley Brothers or the Jackson 5. With that being said, this ONE performance tells me I need to do more research into competing bands because I’m missing a lot. The Teskey Brothers have found the perfect mix between making their music sound old and authentic, and keeping it current with today’s standards. The performance itself was BEAUTIFUL, as the lead singer sings alone on stage contrasting with the solid brownish-grayish in the background. Lyrically the song is beautiful as well. Although difficult to understand at some points due to his Josh’s accent. Aside from that extremely minor pet peeve, there is legitimately nothing wrong with this song.

To conclude, I will go on record by saying that I would be EXTREMELY surprised if this group didn’t move on to soak in the limelight all over the world. While I know very little about them, I will be doing my research for the future.