Tips For Indie Musicians On Pitching To Playlist Curators

Most indie musicians have the raw talent that can generate great music, but they do not know the ways in which to make their music heard. It is essential for developing artists to focus on learning effective strategies to market themselves and their music. It is pretty straightforward when it comes to social media on how to market yourself. The best way to share your music on any social media platform is through playlists.

Playlist Curators

What You Can Do On Your Own

You might not enjoy the luxury of connections between various online streaming platforms to get onto that top-rated playlist. Nevertheless, there are a lot of things you can do on your own. While some artists are marketing through their connections, they are not doing it correctly. Here are a few tips for pitching to playlists successfully.

Do The Research

When you want a curator to help you, you must first help them grow. Listen to their playlist first and have a feel of the kind of music they are interested in. This can help you decided on the best type of songs you will submit to the curator. Learn of how they prefer to receive your music. If you are not sure, send them a note asking them of their preferred method of submission. Before doing this, explore their social media to check if they have already mentioned steps regarding submission. Also, it is crucial that you submit the music in the right format. If you do it wrong, there are chances that you will be blocked or muted on their social media.

Find Successful Playlist Curators

If you are confused on the ways to find successful playlist curators, tools like Indiemono, Soundplate, or some of my favorites:,,, and can help. You can learn about genre info and statistics on any playlist of any size on these sites.

Earn The Goodwill of The Playlist Curator

While adding your music to a playlist, do not forget to thank the curator and share it with your followers on all of your platforms. This can help you earn the goodwill of the curator. It will motivate them to add you again when you drop new music.

Target The Right Playlists

It is vital that you are placed high on a playlist to reach as many fans as possible. If you list your music on playlists with an enormous collection of songs, then your song will only be lost in the shuffle. Target strategic playlists that have a lower number of tracks even if they do not have as many listeners as you might expect. Being placed on a smaller playlist even for one month will earn more plays than being on the biggest playlists for a whole year where you might never be heard.

Make Use of The Available Resources

If you do not know how to pitch to curators yourself, then you can learn successfully by making use of the available resources online. Every song will need a unique strategy for maximizing your chances of being heard. At the same time, do not get cheated by those independent curators who will charge you just to be placed on their playlists. Such playlists can have fake followers and can do little to help your music reach your fanbase. Not to mention they are taking your money too.