Producer Turns Rapper: “The Life of Pi’erre 4” Album Review

Pi'erre sits in fron of a black background. He is wearing a black shirt and a gold chain.

Who is Pi’erre Bourne

The mind of Jordan Timothy Jenks, known professionally as Pi’erre Bourne, is an interesting one. The man famous for his production on songs such as “Magnolia” by Playboi Carti and “EA” by Young Nudy, also raps. Bourne has been quiet on the production scene for a minute now, presumably focusing his time and energy on his own project. The producer turned rapper gives us a close personal look into his feelings and emotions on “The Life of Pi’erre 4”.


The subject matter and inspiration throughout this album is pretty clear and consistent, Pi’erre had his heart broken and is letting us know how it felt. On “Ballad” Pi’erre acknowledges the different hardships he felt throughout the relationship. To the point that he questions if they were ever really in love, at all. In “Lover” he highlights how he felt his love and effort were not reciprocated in the relationship. In this song he lets his lover know that he gave her all the time and chances, to appreciate him. But now she’s too little and too late, as he is moving on with his life.

The Life of Pi'erre 4
Pi’erre Bourne Photo Cred: Cara Robbins

Although Pi’erre is also a rapper, his production will forever outshine his rhymes. His raps on this album are nothing to write home about, but they get the job done. His raps on this project are in the same vein as most of today’s melodic rappers. The only strife against Pi’erre’s raps, to me, is that his flow doesn’t sound natural. Such as artists like Uzi Vert. In my opinion, that’s okay for a producer-first time rapper.

All in all, Pi’erre provided a consistent project that will satisfy the listener with everything they could expect from a Pi’erre Bourne rap project. All Pi’erre had to do was come through with stellar production and passable raps, and he seems to have accomplished that on this project. But, I can’t help but wonder, as a rapper, is he capable of giving us more?