How to Accomplish Indie Artist Success on Social Media

When you have decided to make your career as an independent musician, you must first master the art of self-promotion.

Indie artists on social media

To this end, you must make the best use of social media. Social media is a highly potential avenue for you in the sense it is the breeding ground for all those things that are trending. With right strategies, you can turn even the most anonymous band into a big thing. Here are the most popular ways to get the most out of your social media game.

Post your Videos

Make your music videos get discovered on YouTube. Often it just takes one viral video to make your events so big and popular like never before. Before rising to fame and performing in all places from Ellen to SNL, Karmin duo popularized their videos on YouTube. This way it worked great for them.

Please the crowds

Social media can do much more for you as an independent musician than you can really imagine. For example, Pros and iCons, a pop group, based in NYC, discovered this fact. To grab the attention of the crowds in a city with the most talented crowds, it is necessary to play the social media game up to the point. The group endeavored to build a strong social media relationship with their fans. The mission involved strategies like asking the fans to be a part of their latest music video, indulging in fun games on the group’s Instagram page. What they aimed really worked through these effective strategies making them stand out significantly and win in a big way.

Promote conversation

Things work on social media through conversations. Social justice movements are vibrant on social media. Ideas are exposed there. People with decent internet access share everything on it. Chance the Rapper tweets socially conscious posts. This made him stand out from the crowds in a great way and he could even champion his brainchild, the anti-gun violence rally in Chicago. He used Twitter to spread the word.