How to Turn Your Old Music Catalogue into Compelling Content

Your music is never outdated and old at any point in time. Whether it is a disappointment or a huge opportunity, it all depends on what you make of it. Forget creating a new catalog all the time and instead put your existing music catalog into work.


Old Music Catalogue

Often it is common to see many musicians getting trapped with the frenetic word ‘New’ and hence being moved into composing something new all the time. This mindset can be counter-productive only up to a certain point.

Reflect on this truth

Millions of people out there have not heard your compositions. Hence you need not be a music creator all the time. Spend some time reflecting on which of your existing videos and songs can create an immediate impact. Get that content to be accessible to the new fans and also share it with your existing fans as well. No matter how old is the song, it will sell for sure if it is of good quality, has an interesting context, associated with a compelling headline, and you can find a loyal audience. Here are a few steps to putting your old music catalog to work.

Share the story

The story behind each of your songs must be something very interesting. Share with your audience what inspired you to write the song, why it is dear to you, some instances talking about how it touched someone, and some interesting moments during the recording process. Create an email or make it a part of a drip campaign or blog or Facebook post. Reach out a new audience and place some ads with the link to the video or track.

Celebrate the anniversaries

You can arrange to celebrate the milestone anniversaries of your song or album by organizing special concerts, live streams, Twitter listening party or any other innovative kind of event or program. Involve your audience with those pieces of music and get them engaged with the tasks you want them to do like purchasing the CDs or with however you wish to sell it.

Organize a contest or giveaway and during the process draw their attention to your older music. You can give away a limited edition of an out-of-print album or gift a few copies of some select CDs.

Work with secondary connections

Each of your musical compositions can have some subject matter that relates to a current event, struggle or cause. It can also be a mission of a not for profit organization. It could be the first time when you pitch your music to the blogs. After a considerable number of years, now the album could be resonating with people during recovery. You can now think of reaching out to the recovery groups and giving them the same music with a lot of new contexts.

While these are just a few ways of how to get your old music out to walking once again to make you a few bucks, you can work with an unlimited number of ideas to explore some new strategies too.