How to Develop Your Community Without Spending Money

Though investing enough money is a sure way to boost up your presence as a musician, money is not the only way to do it. Success in creating a prominent social presence is not just about spending money, but more about building a community.


Developing your community with no money

A community that loves your music and a network that knows you well and is willing to share your story is very important for your press. In fact, many of your gigs can come from your referrals.

Some successful musicians out there are raising their new albums through crowdfunding campaigns. Hence looking from several points of view, a good community is far more crucial to your success than throwing a lot of money on submitting your entries.

Tips to build and sustain a productive community

  • Improve your socializing skills to win more friends and widen your community. Take an active interest in people, listen to them and respond to them in a courteous manner. Being nice to them can help attract them into your fold.
  • Make friends with your competitors. Never view your competitors as enemies or a threat to your success. Befriend them and working together with them is a great way to have more gigs for both of you. You can bank on some of your competitors when you come across a few opportunities and they might often return the favor at some point.
  • Gain familiarity with existing communities. You can join online groups or attend some meetings in your locality or google to find out contacts. Some groups can come forward to promote you eventually and this saves you enough time and effort to build your own group from scratch.
  • Signal boost others related to your domain. As a musician, you might come across a lot of graphic designers, web designers and photographers. Recommend them to others and win their favors to develop your community and career.