How To Record a Video Podcast

how to record a video podcast

In the past, the focus used to be on what is a podcast; later, we shifted to how to start a podcast. Right now, with the deployment of video podcasts on Disctopia, we are going all out to talk about the idea behind video podcasts, how to start a video podcast, how to record a video podcast, and more.

Let’s track back a bit. When you watch some videos on Youtube, you’ll hear the host say, “hello, welcome to my podcast.” Technically, a YouTube video isn’t a podcast. What you have on YouTube and other video-sharing platforms are video recordings of podcast episodes.

Podcasts are mostly recorded in audio and shared on Google Podcast, YouTube, Disctopia, and other podcast hosting platforms. Today, you’ll find the video recordings of most of the popular podcasts in the United States to let you know the direction of the podcast industry.

There’s a huge and growing user base of listeners that prefers podcasts in video format; these are the audience you should be targeting. Do you know why? Let’s use YouTube as an example; 74% of adults in the United States watch content on YouTube. It may also interest you that 43% of podcast audiences listen through the platform.

However, why should you bother about YouTube when you can record a video podcast alongside your regular podcast on your preferred podcast hosting platform. You will not have to compete with the billions of videos on these video-sharing platforms. Yet, you’ll be able to appeal to your audience’s interests.

In this piece, we’ll be delving into how to record a video podcast. If you don’t jump on the train now, you’ll be leaving a lot on the table, scheming you out of the growing traffic in the future.

Let’s think of this as a step by step crash course on how to record a video podcast;

1. Decide on Your Video Podcast Format

There are different video podcast formats; interviews, remote interviews, talking heads, static images, and external footage. Your choice of format trickles down to your podcast goals, niche, and audience.

However, you can always switch to a different video podcast format at any point. Or, you can switch between formats depending on what you’re trying to achieve with each episode.

2. Film The Video

Once you’ve decided what the video format will be, the next is to film the video. Depending on your chosen format, make sure you have the right tools to provide an amazing viewing experience.

Let’s say you opt for remote interview/talking heads, use a laptop or recording software that allows for these capabilities. Make it a priority to use the right tools to deliver a perfect video.

3. Edit The Video

Next in the lineup of creating a video podcast is the editing. To create an engaging and enjoyable atmosphere, you need to be able to bring in effects. Don’t attempt to record a video podcast without edits; you’ll have a raw and noisy video in the end.

Usually, you’ll be advised to record your audio separately for the video podcast.

During the recording process, there will always be errors; the editing is the second chance you get to straighten things. It’s the editing that allows you to add creative effects. You’ll need good video recording software and editing skills to achieve this.

4. Upload Your Podcast Video

At this point, your video is ready to be uploaded to Disctopia, the most popular podcast platform. While this is the final step, it’s the most important as you’ll be putting your video in front of your target audience.

5. Share and Promote Your Video Podcast

If you want to be regarded as a successful podcaster, your work does not end at the point of upload. You need to leverage every available tool available to maximize the reach of your content.

There are numerous strategies that allow you to maximize your engagements and promote your content.

Final Thoughts on How To Record a 

If you’ve always dreamt of starting a podcast or having a video channel, then a video podcast might be the answer to your wishes. Our focus on Disctopia will be on the know-how, how-tos, and other basics of starting a video podcast in the coming weeks.