How Long Should a Podcast Be?

How Long Should a Podcast Be

How Long Should a Podcast Be,how to start a podcast

There is no right or wrong answer how to start a podcast or how long should a podcast be. A podcast can be extraordinarily long, yet it will be able to attract millions of subscribers. At the same time, there are short podcasts  that are raking in downloads. Remember this if you are just about to hit publish on your first episode but you are not sure whether it is the right length.

Sure, to deal with the conundrum of how do I start a podcast, one of the things you will probably need to address is the length of your podcast. As a beginner podcaster, know that your content, podcast format, and audience preference determine your podcast length.

Is A Podcast’s Length Determined by Content?

The short answer is yes. The length of your podcast is determined by the type of content you create. If all you have to say will fit into a 20-minute episode, why extend it to 60 minutes or cut it down to 5 minutes? As long as you deliver on your episode title to your audience, there is no need to draw out a perfectly timed podcast. Conversely, reducing your podcast length might affect the delivery.

Regardless of its length, the most important thing to focus on is the value of your podcast. No fluff, filler, or unnecessary details. Stay on topic and ensure your podcast is engaging from the beginning to the end. If you have not finished what you have to say on your episode title, there is no need to stop abruptly.

Should Your Audience Influence Your Podcast Length?

Studies have shown that fifty-two percent of podcast listeners are commuters. Fifty-nine percent of people listen to podcasts while doing house chores. Who are your listeners? How are your podcast episodes consumed? Since your listeners’ feedback is important to your podcast’s success, you need to factor in their preferences.

If you have published some episodes, you can do a short survey to help you decide the appropriate length. Consider extending your podcast episode time if your audience can’t get enough of your show.

On the other hand, if your listeners wish they could share a part of your show with friends and family instead of the whole episode, segment it in a way that it can be shared or make a segment an episode.

What Is The Average Podcast Length?

The average podcast length in 2022 was 38 minutes and 42 seconds. It can increase or decrease in the future. However, the possibility that the average length will be lower is higher.

You see, most podcast listeners are Gen Zs and millennials, and they are known to have short attention spans. There are diversions everywhere. Although there are no hard and fast rules on how long a podcast should be, you don’t have to play by the general convention of the average podcast length.

Podcast length varies across genres. So, who says your podcast episode can’t be 3 hours long? For instance, in a podcast genre like history, which requires in-depth information, can be as long as 1 hour or more. If you share tips or you have daily news, your podcast can be as short as five minutes.

Should All My Podcast Episodes Be Strictly the Same Length?

Consistency is crucial when it comes to podcasting. The rule of thumb is that you should have a time range for your episodes. For instance, your first episode can’t be 6 hours long and the second episode only be 20 minutes. It might give off the impression that you have lost steam. Also, arbitrarily stretching or shortening your podcast can be a turn-off for your audience. But then again, if changing the length of your podcast will improve the overall quality of your content delivery and keep your audience fascinated, I say go for it.

Unless you are making a live podcast, you are not constrained by time. How do I start a podcast with the right length? On-demand content like podcasts does not strictly follow the same length, but having a time range might help you stay on track.

How Short Is Too Short for A Podcast Episode?

Can a podcast be too short? No. A podcast cannot be too short. Since the ideal length of your podcast is determined by your content, episode format, and listeners’ preference, short podcasts might be suitable for your purpose. Headlines, daily briefings, tips and tricks, as well as educational podcasts are usually short to make them interesting.

More so, short podcasts have their benefits. It is faster and easier to create short episodes than longer ones. Furthermore, you can easily churn out new high-quality episodes daily or weekly if they are bite-size with enough room for editing. Podcasts under five minutes will be concise but will also leave your listeners wanting more. Also, people are more likely to listen to short podcasts till the end because they are easily digestible.

Should I Consider A Longer Podcast Episode?

Can you keep your audience fascinated and engaged and fascinated for hours? If so, creating longer episodes might be ideal for you. Also, podcast genres that require additional details and information that can shed more light on your title should not be contracted into short podcasts.

If your podcast format is interviews, chat, and storytelling, then your audience can survive a lengthy podcast episode. This is because you will have a lot of messages to pass to keep your listeners engaged without boring them.

Final Thoughts

After listening to several podcasts across several genres, you are wondering how to start a podcast and the ideal length of a podcast. It gets more confusing when you see both short and long podcast episodes becoming the top 10 on Spotify. The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all length for a podcast.

Podcast lengths are determined by content, format, and audience. So what if other podcasters follow a certain rule when deciding how long a podcast should be? You want to stand out among millions of podcasts anyway. Your podcast length is peculiar to you. There is no short or long podcast, only quality content.