How Disctopia’s Partnership with Bunny Studio Will Transform the Content Creation Industry

Bunny Studio

Bunny Studio

There was a time in history when digital content creation was more or less a hobby. We are now at that age when digital content creation has gained massive popularity and is exploding by the minute.

Today, digital content creation is now a career option and path being explored by millions. The industry is now worth about $44 billion, and the Global Digital Content Creation Market is expected to reach $51 billion by 2027.

We’ve also moved past the time when YouTubers were the only content creators. Now, we have podcasters, streamers, bloggers, audiobook creators and many others. All of these content forms have contributed to the level of success the industry has achieved to date. The industry is growing at a neck-breaking speed, and there’s no stopping.

However, despite the digital content industry’s growth, there are not enough platforms and professionals to meet the growing demands. This is not just in terms of quantity; rather, it’s about building on the industry’s standards.

This is why the partnership between Disctopia, one of the most popular podcast platforms andBunny Studio, the world’s only project fulfilment platform, is coming at the right time. With the growth Disctopia has enjoyed over the years, partnering with Bunny Studio will avail creators on the platform to limitless resources and professionals.

What Disctopia’s Creators Stands To Benefit From The Partnership

While there are several perspectives to the partnership between Disctopia and Bunny Studio, one of the first areas of the relationship will be Audio Ads. We’ve seen a surge in programmatic ads over time. At the end of 2021, advertisers in the United States spent about $81 billion on programmatic displays.

Similar to programmatic ads is digital audio ads, which is a way to create an emotional bond and connection with listeners and consumers. As creators on the Disctopia platform, you can take full advantage of the resource at the disposal of Bubby Studio in accessing high-quality audio ads designed from scratch.

As a content creator, you strategically position yourself to an in-flow of revenue if you start using Audio Ads in your content. We are seeing how some of the biggest names in the advertising industry are shifting towards audio ads.

Regarding Audio Ads, we want Disctopia creators to be at the forefront by relying on Bunny Studio to do all the work and deliver a fantastic end product. Ultimately, you can focus on the task of creating amazing content without worrying about where the revenue will come from.

Amplifying Your Brand Image Using Audio Ads

According to Google,Audio Ads are about 75% effective in lifting brand awareness and image. Being a content creator, you need to start taking advantage of Audio Ads as they are cost-efficient and proven to possess a high customer engagement rate.

Nielsen Media Lab noted that audio ads possess a24% recall rate than traditional ads. This is also supported byMidroll Media Report, where 60% of podcast listeners are said to make a purchase due to a podcast audio ad.

When visual channels fail, advertisers have no choice but to switch to audio advertising. There are no better means to monetize your content than via audio advertising as a creator.