How To Take Advantage of Disctopia’s Podcast Directory Auto-Submission

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There’s a concern on the minds and hearts of every podcaster, new and old, regarding how to increase the number of listeners. If you want people to find your podcast, you need to get it right with podcast distribution via podcast directory submission. To reach new listeners across the globe and even your existing audience, you need to make your podcast show available on as many podcast outlets as possible.

According to Podnews, there are too many podcast directories out there. Being on as many as possible is your hack to get the maximum amount of downloads possible. It may interest you that podcast directory is the number 2 way through which people find podcasts to listen to.

Here’s an easy way to get your podcast show in front of new eyes and ears;

You Can Now Add Your Podcast To Every Podcast Directory With Disctopia

As one of the most popular podcast hosting platforms, we think it’s not enough to give you an RSS feed address and fold our arms. We don’t just want to make it easy for you to submit to podcast directories; we want to go to the maximum length possible by automating the podcast submission process for every podcast show hosting on the Disctopia platform.

Providing you with an RSS feed link is basic; it’s what regular podcast hosting platforms do. However, we are not regular at Disctopia; that’s why we’ve made it a MUST to go all out to ensure that we put your podcast on at least the two major podcast directories; Podchaser and Podcast Index. Once your show is on these two podcast directories, we believe you are far ahead of many other podcast shows.

These two major podcast directories are responsible for a good amount of podcast plays. Podcast Index and Podchaser. By hosting your podcast on Disctopia, you are automatically adding your show to the most important places.

Please don’t listen to naysayers who say it does not matter where you host your podcast. It now matters more than ever. Would you choose a podcast hosting platform that gets you closer to your audience or just a regular podcast host that provides you with an RSS Feed URL to do whatever you deem fit? The answer is hosting your podcast on Disctopia.

Disctopia Increases The Discoverability and Reach of Your Podcast

Disctopia automatically submits your podcast show to the two major podcast directories. This eliminates all form of confusion and stress that often comes with submitting your podcast show individually to podcast directories.

There’s no need to submit your podcast to directories manually any longer. It’s quite a challenge, and this no longer has to happen with Disctopia automatic podcast submission. You need a podcast hosting platform like Disctopia to take care of it.

How Does the Automatic Podcast Submission Work With Disctopia? 

Once you host your podcast on Disctopia, your show is automatically submitted to Podchaser and Podcast Index. These two directories will provide you access to a wide range of other podcast directories.

However, there is an exemption to this automatic podcast submission; if your podcast is set as Unlisted on Disctopia. If it is set to Public, the podcast episode will be available on Podcast Index and Podchaser.

You don’t have to do the work of podcast distribution anymore. Disctopia is taking this difficult task off your hands and letting you focus on creating irresistible podcast content.