How to Make a Podcast and Submit To Directories

How to make a podcast

We hope you got it right with your choice of podcast host. When learning how to make a podcast, submitting to podcast directories is another crucial decision you must make now and fast. By now, you should know that one sustainable way to grow your podcast is through podcast directories.  

It’s all about making your show available everywhere people listen to podcasts. Podcast directories are the search engines of podcasting; they ares where people look for podcasts to listen to.  A handful of podcast listening appeals populate their directories directly from iTunes API. That’s why you will likely find out that your podcasts are already listed there. Regardless, the starting point should be the major podcast directories.  

Are you ready to get your podcast in front of more listeners? Submitting your show to a podcast directory is a great way to increase visibility.

A podcast directory allows people to discover and listen to podcasts. Submitting your podcast makes it easier for new listeners to find and enjoy your content.

This post shows you how to make a podcast directory submission. This way, you’ll see the benefits of increased visibility. So, to take your podcast to the next level, keep reading to learn how to submit your show to a directory.

Podcast directories are not the same as podcast hosts. While you have chosen Disctopia as your podcast host, you can list your podcast shows on scores of podcast directories.  Considerf this piece as a definitive guide on podcast directories to submit your podcast. We advise that you take your time to offer your podcast to all of these directories. Doing so will bring you closer to your goals of growing your audience as a new podcaster. Before we take you on the ride, here’s what you’ll need;  

  • RSS Feed Link 

For every podcast directory you want to submit to, you’ll need the RSS feed link to your podcast. As a Disctopia podcaster, here’s how to find the RSS Feed URL. Copy it to a clipboard; you’ll need it at every podcast directory list.  

  • Podcast Meta Data

We are referring to your podcast show Title, Description, and Email Address. Get this information ready as well.  

An Exhaustive List of Podcast Directories.   

As a podcaster, your best betise to ensure that your show is available on every podcast directory.  

There’s something about podcast directories, and that’s why we are building this guide for our podcasters: people’s loyalty to particular podcast directories. A podcast listener who used Google Podcast might never check Stitcher. We can’t blame anyonh; these podcast directories are enough for an average listener.  

1. Spotify 

There’s a reason why Forbes called Spotify the king of podcast directories. As of August 2021, a third of all podcast listeners access their favorite podcast shows via Spotify.  

While Spotify is majorly a music streaming app, it has established itself as a leading podcast directory. The beauty of Spotify lies in being able to access the new demography of listeners.  

Here’s how to submit your Disctopia podcast on Spotify 

2. Google Podcast 

There are more reasons than one that anyone will want to publish their show on Google Podcast. Increasing the chances of your podcast show appearing on Google search results top the numerous reasons.  

Indexing Podcast Show by Google started in 2019, but we believe putting your podcast show on Google Podcast will get you closer to the SERPs. You should know that the search engine giant phased out Google Play Music to focus on Google Podcasts. Here’s how to submit your podcast show to Google Podcast.  

3. Stitcher 

As one of the first podcast listing directories for Android users, Stitcher has become one of the largest podcast directories worldwide. Stitcher isn’t just about podcast, but also music and internet radio.  

Stitcher is used by millions who access the podcast directory via Android, PC, Smart Speakers, iOS, and even some car models. Follow this guide to submit your podcast show to Stitcher. 

4. Apple Podcasts  

This is the oldest, largest, and most crucial podcast directory on the internet today. This is because of its popularity and how it feeds other podcast directories. Once you have your show submitted to Apple Podcast, it will appear on the following directories;  

Here’s how to submit to Apple Podcasts 

4. The Podcast Index 

Better known as the Podfather, the Adam Curry and Dave Jones duo started The Podcast Index as an independent and open-source podcast directory without any form of advertisement or corporate bureaucracy.  

Today, the directory has indexed about 4.3 million podcasts and is still getting stronger. The directory has the intent of staying free forever.  

5. iHeart Radio It is quite a popular option as one of the largest audio streaming platforms and podcast directories today. You can stream music, radio, and podcasts Hearsts Radio relies on a manual submission process that allows every podcaster to get their show listed. Here’s how to submit your show to iHeart Radio. 

6. Amazon Music and Audible 

This is another podcast directory that should have your podcast show listed. This platform boasts over 55 million users, a category of content consumers used to digital content.  

Submitting your podcast show to Amazon means your content can be listened to on Alexa and Echo devices. Follow these tips to raise your podcast show to Amazon. 

7. Pandora 

We can’t help but ask you to look towards the potential of the 59 million Pandora users. The podcast directory has millions of hours of streaming.  

Recently, Pandora updated its podcast submission process. They also have a rating system that helps listeners to discover new shows.  

Choose a Podcast Directory

Now that you’ve created your killer podcast, it’s time to know how to make a podcast submission. But with so many options, how do you choose the right one?

First, consider how to make a podcast popular. Do you want to focus on a niche audience or go for maximum visibility? Different directories cater to different audiences. So, consider where your ideal listeners will likely discover new content.

Next, consider the technical requirements for submission. Some directories have strict guidelines for audio quality and file formatting. So, ensure you have everything arranged before submitting.

Preparing and Submitting Your Podcast

Now you’ve recorded your first few episodes. It’s time to submit your show to directories. But before you hit the submit button, ensure you’ve prepared everything correctly.

First, double-check that your episodes are properly edited and polished. No one wants to listen to a podcast with awkward silence or background noise. It shows you don’t know how to make a podcast.

Next, ensure you have your podcast title, a summary, and cover art available. This increases your chances of getting accepted into the directory.

Now that you know how to make and prepare a podcast for submission, it’s time to get your show out!

Wrap Up 

As noted, there’s no better way to increase your listenership and promote your show than through podcast directories.  

So, there you have it—a quick rundown on how to make a podcast and list it in all the top directories. Just follow these simple steps, and you’ll be well on getting your show out there for the world to hear.

Don’t underrate the potency of any podcast directory. It could be your source of non-stop traffic.  

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