Podcast Marketing Trends to Watch Out For In 2022

Podcast Marketing Trends

The future of podcasts is looking good, as experts in the industry have made some projections. The most important podcast marketing trends to expect this year include the increase in stream podcasts online, focus on quality content, and integration of podcast features on popular platforms.

If you’re still wondering should I start a podcast, or not, or you’ve already made up your mind and asking yourself, how do I start a podcast, let’s look at the podcast industry from the numbers.

The Podcast Industry by the Numbers

According to Statista, the global podcast industry grew from a current user base of 332.2 million listeners (as of 2020) to 383.7 listeners in 2021.

This amounted to an increase of about 18% within a year. If sustained, the listeners might just shoot to 500 million by the end of 2024.

Thus, podcasters have a very thriving market that is continually yearning for new, quality content delivered in the form of digital audio files.

Now, let us talk about some of the podcast marketing trends that can shape how we create and listen to podcasts in 2022.

1.    Expect More Ads in Podcasts

Many years ago, we just listened to live-streamed or recorded digital audio files (podcasts). Today, the trend is changing and we should expect something different this time. More podcasts within the year will be generating revenue both for the podcast platforms and the podcasters.

This allows podcasters to accept and add different kinds of adverts into their content. Examples of the ads are:

  • Sponsored Adverts: In this case, the independent companies interested in creating an ad and delivering the same via podcasts would approach a podcaster for sponsorship. The idea is to sponsor the sponsorship and marketing of the content. In return, the podcaster will mention the brand that sponsored the content, subtly encouraging the audience to check them out.
  • Dynamic Adverts: This involves the insertion of ads into a pre-recorded podcast. More often than not, independent publishers sponsor the content.

2.    Attention is Shifting from Low-Quality Content to High-Content Podcasts

Podcasts made it simpler for people to listen to important topics on the go. If it is live-streamed, the listeners can also contribute to the live show.

However, given the traction expected in the podcast industry this year, priority will be given to high-quality content. So, if your podcasts don’t deliver value or engage your audience, you might just lose them.

Therefore, focus on creating valuable podcasts. Here are some ideas to help you do so:

  • Discuss only one topic per podcast.
  • Consider inviting experts to talk about the topics.
  • Encourage live participation by making some live streams rather than pre-recorded podcasts.
  • Don’t make the podcast fluffy. Rather, keep it short. If possible, make podcasts spanning between 10 and 20 minutes long.

3.    Podcast Integration Seems to be the In-Thing Now

Gone are the days when podcasts were limited to specific platforms. Today, we have had platforms like Facebook, Amazon, and YouTube now allow users to integrate podcasts and listen to podcasts on their platforms.

What does this tell you? The trend is gradually shifting and we will soon see major players like Netflix supporting podcast integration on their platforms.

4.    Competition is Brewing and Podcast Platforms are Making Bold Moves

This is one of the podcast marketing trends you should pay attention to. In any line of business, mastery of the niche and taking cues from the trends can help a brand generate more revenues. This is the case with podcast platforms. The marketing trends that would shape the industry in 2022 have already beefed up the competition.

Whereas these platforms have continually offered a wide range of services in the past, it appears that they are adding more.

The introduction of newer services and features does not only make these platforms outstanding. It also bolsters the users’ experience.

Some of the popular features added by these podcast platforms are:

Voice Search

Sequel to the Voice Search feature from Google expected to go mainstream this year; podcast platforms have started leveraging the same. This feature allows users or targeted listeners to make online searches for podcasts using their voices.

Unlimited Storage

It is a common fact that most podcast platforms offer limited storage on free plans. However, some have started offering unlimited storage, just to encourage podcasters and content creators to share as many digital audio files as they want through their platforms.


Scheduling podcast publication is not always easy for the creators. But when an automated function is handy, the pain might just go away.

This is the idea behind the auto-posting feature introduced by some podcast platforms. With this feature, creators can now schedule their podcasts and go about their other businesses.

5.    Podcast Monetization is Now Possible

If you have always wanted to monetize your podcast, there are now opportunities for you to do. Some podcast platforms have enabled this feature and some of the monetization options include:

Sponsored Ads

Creators can now accept sponsored adverts from independent advertisers and companies looking for exposure on their shows.

Affiliate Programs

Podcasters also have the opportunity to sign up for the affiliate program offered by the podcast platform they use. This way, they get to monetize their shows by:

  • Offering exclusive deals to their listeners
  • Promoting their products or services to the listeners

Learn as Much as You Can About Podcasting

Spend quality time gathering information about podcasting, including how to make your shows interesting, how to segment your listeners/audience, and the market dynamics.

Choose a Podcast Platform

With several podcast platforms out there, you have to pick one. Consider the availability of features for podcasting, the ease of use, and the number of creators already using it.

Testing, Testing!

Make a couple of shows, maybe with your friends or colleagues. Get honest feedback and use the same to improve on the next show.

Go Live

Your show is now ready to be unveiled. Go live and publish your first podcast. Take note of the acceptability and the feedback. Go ahead and use the information to get better by the day.

Key Takeaways: Podcasts are Worth Watching out for in 2022

As a content creator, it is imperative to stay ahead of the trend by understanding and positioning yourself to tap into the awesome podcast marketing trends for the year.

We hope you found the ideas on the list helpful. Now, run along and use them to evolve along with the new trends coming into the podcasting industry in 2022.