Digital Distribution is Very Relevant for Fan Discoverability — Interview with Anaya Kunt

You would notice a lot of people grudging that they could not follow their hearts because the burden of making a living, fitting in the box, and doing what most of the other people were doing, kept them away from what they wanted to become. Well, there are few, yet, who follow their hearts and make a mark in every field they touch.

Digital Distribution is Very Relevant for Fan Discoverability — Interview with Anaya Kunt

Such is the story of musician Anaya Kunt from Brazil, who is a renowned musician and also an IT professional holding a double Doctorate degree. She travels the world as a musician, and also as an IT professional — truly, a unique combination!

We talked to her about her journey as a musician and also as an IT professional and how she managed to mix together to pursue her dreams and share her gifts with the world through music and her career.

Q1. What do you do to market your music globally?

I enjoy the using Social Media, as all my Facebook friends will tell you! I use several social platforms, as well as traditional forms of marketing my published music, via distribution with online channels and other streaming services! I love making beautiful videos. Gaining media reviews, radio airplay and interviews are a great way to share the music, too. I create, and then I write newsletters and posts to all my fans. I also keep my website up to date with current news and enter Awards contests, including the GRAMMY® Awards. Always, I support and promote other musicians in their efforts, too…that’s important!

Q2. You are a multi-instrumentalist. How do you choose which instrument to play in any particular song?

It’s an intuitive process for me; I choose by my feelings and what will create the best sound harmony. I can see and listen to the instrument playing in advance.

Q3. Does it help to have a higher degree in the technology field in promoting your music?

Oh yes, very much so. It has helped me to know the techniques to build a Tech platform, and I also can edit, and do a lot of production myself, from scores to just one note. Musical composition software is a wonderful tool that saves time, make things easier, and support the creative process of composing and producing.

Q4. Do you feel digital and online distribution helps musicians?

Absolutely, digital distribution and sharing are very relevant platforms for fan discoverability. Our new technology and social sharing also help musicians to connect with one another in a global network for a greater exchange of our respective cultural aspects. Studio musicians are less isolated, and performers have a greater direct outreach than ever before!

Q5. What would you advice to the upcoming Indie musicians to be successful in their career?

Follow your heart and deep feelings, work hard, look for the chances…try things! When choosing a distribution, read every line you sign in contracts. And, when choosing publicity, radio, and agents, get the best in the field; keep good relationships with them, and create a supportive network with other musicians and producers.

By Patrick Hill on October 11, 2018.