How to Make a Living With Disctopia

How to Make a Living With Disctopia

Today, artists have more control over their careers than ever before. Numerous platforms allow you to record, distribute, and promote your music. However, one area remains a challenge, the ability to earn enough money to make a living. There’s this misconception that is fuelled by social media; that artists are swimming in loads of money. […]

Influencer Marketing Guide For Independent Artists

Influencer Music Marketing

Want to expand the reach of your music on social media? There’s a surefire way, and it’s through influencer marketing. Go through your social media timeline; there’s always one form of influencer marketing on display. It’s either traditional posts, Instagram reels, Facebook stories or even long videos. Influencer marketing has grown beyond just another buzzword; […]

5 Best Independent Music Influencers You Need to Follow in 2021

Independent Music Influencers

Do you know that there’s a close relationship between social media and music? If there’s anywhere you need to be as an independent artist; it’s social media. All thanks to the internet, social media has become an important part of our everyday lives. While you may want to consider other mediums, none has the reach and […]

The Business of Music, Pt.2: Steps Towards Becoming a Successful Indie Artist

The Business of Music, Pt.2: Steps Towards Becoming a Successful Indie Artist

No matter what business you’re in, there is usually a formula for success. Although it isn’t always a linear line, there are always key metrics that generate victorious outcomes. This calculation has been especially tricky in the business of music, because the industry has evolved drastically, and in a myriad of ways over the past […]

Disctopia Launches New Dashboard Tailored to Needs of Independent Creatives

Disctopia today announces the launch of a brand new dashboard to help creators in the music industry effectively upload podcasts and music, and sell merchandise in one cohesive location. This new dashboard will perform deep reporting and analytics for musicians and podcasters, all while making their creative content easily accessible through a streamlined user interface. […]

A Guide on Monetizing Your Podcast in 2021 With Disctopia

Monetizing Your Podcast in 2021

There are hundreds or even thousands of showrunners making a good living from their podcast. While it may appear complicated, if you are interested in monetizing your podcast in 2021, this guide is intended for you. It all starts with building a podcast that earns you serious revenue. Not saying you’ll become the next Jeff […]

6 Do’s and Don’ts for Successful Independent Artists

Successful Independent Artists

Look around you,  you’ll find thousands of independent artists churning out good music daily. All of these talented individuals are all aiming to become successful independent artists. However, you need not be bothered as the indie music scene has experienced tremendous change in the last decade. The entire music industry has moved from distribution to […]

5 Tools For Everyone in the Independent Music Industry

Tools For Independent Music Industry

In the old music industry, all you’ll need to make headway is your music. Today, your music is just the entry point as there are dozens of other factors that can make or mar your break into the limelight. The focus of this piece is not just on independent artists but everyone else in the […]