New Single ‘Ovrnova’ by ATL Based Indie Artist, Keeyen Martin

Beautiful! Mellow! Smooth; all the words to describe the voice of Atlanta based Indie Artist: Keeyen Martin. All of these amazing attributes can be found in his newest single: ‘Ovrnova’. I’ve said it before… one of the biggest keys to an amazing song or album is relatability. How well can the story be told? Can the listener relate to the lyrics? I say, ‘Ovrnova’ meets all of the criteria.

New Single 'Ovrnova
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Martin is not only an incredible vocalist but an amazing songwriter, as well. ‘Ovrnova’ is one of his many masterpieces and in it, he lays down the law to a girl who thinks that they’re more than just friends. “You knew from the start, real love I don’t want no parts.” But with a voice like that, can you blame the girl? ‘Ovrnova’ takes a new-age sound, an all too familiar concept, and Martin’s incomparable voice, and creates something that the listener can leave on repeat. It feels like summer and it reeks the end of cuffing season-“…me and you just friends.”

So, get your friends, take a road trip (or maybe visit your favorite spot in town), roll down your window, let the sun shine in your face and BLAST this song- Over and Over again!