This Album Sticks to the Formula: Young Nudy “Sli’merre” Album Review

Young Nudy "Sli’merre" Album Review

Young Nudy takes us on yet another violent and drug reference infested journey through the rough and rugged life that is Atlanta Zone 6, in his most recent album “Sli’merre”. Being the 5th of his major album’s, Nudy has literally given us his life story from birth until now. He often describes how he had to rob, steal, and in some cases kill to make a living. This album sticks to the formula and gives us a variety of Hip-Hop/Trap beats from producer savant Pi’erre Bourne (it took me a while, but I realized he produced the album for Nudy, AKA “The Slimeball”, hence the name “Sli’merre”).

Adding a Different Style of Rap

The artist-producer chemistry in this album is fantastic, in the sense that it seems Pi’erre knows exactly what beats Nudy sounds best on. While I didn’t enjoy every beat on the album, I enjoyed NUDY on every beat on the album; they seemed to fit him perfectly. Songs like “Long Ride”, “Joker”, and “Extendo”, sounded almost perfect with Nudy’s southern slang.
Lyrically, the album offers just about what you’d expect from a trap album, it’s nothing too major. But what it lacks in lyrical content, it makes up for in features. Young Nudy brings in Atlanta native 21 Savage, as well as other hot artists such as Lil Uzi, Megan Thee Stallion, and DaBaby. All of them brought a different style of rap to the album and subsequently added to the album, making it even better.

“If it aint Broke, Don’t Fix it”

I’ve had a few weeks to let this album grow on me. Originally, I found the album to be lacking in diversity from his others. While I enjoy all of Young Nudy’s music, you can’t help but feel like you’ve heard everything from him. Pi’erre Bourne helps shroud the repetitiveness with his beat selection, which is again why I say they are a fantastic pair. I would’ve liked to see Nudy experiment with some different styles of music, but then again I enjoyed the music he provided so I can’t really complain. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, is the saying, I believe. Another issue I had with the album is that there was a lack of songs that were “memorable”. I don’t really see myself stressing out over any songs. The features made the album better, but are easily drowned out BECAUSE of this very issue.

Young Nudy "Sli’merre" Album Review

All in All

All in all, Nudy pumped out yet another good album with nicely picked features and good beat selection; but it doesn’t seem to overshadow any of his previous work. The goal of an artist is to create content in a matter that their recent is better than their first, to demonstrate growth. While Nudy is making great music in his niche market, he doesn’t show any signs of attempting to change up and therefore is becoming stagnate to me. Stagnation doesn’t necessarily mean that created content will be bad, but it definitely hints towards albums getting stale in the future.