How To Create The Best Podcast Artwork

How to Create Podcast Artwork

You need to know how to create podcast artwork that scores these three goals; stand out, grab attention, and attract more listeners. At Disctopia, we are interested in helping you come up with fantastic podcast artwork.

Podcast artwork is an integral element of your podcasts. Every time and resources invested into it with pay off in the long term. In podcasting, the old saying “never judge a book by its cover” does not apply. 

It’s important to stress that your podcast artwork and intro music are two of the most important ways to create an impression. This impression must be solid enough to generate the listeners’ interest and draw them into the fold. 

While you might have worked hard to develop an irresistible title for your podcast, your podcast artwork is often more important than the title. In the end, a good podcast artwork plays a huge difference between successful podcasts and those that are struggling. 

Here’s a guide on designing the best podcast artwork;

1. What Are Your Competitors and Industry Leaders Doing?

The best entry point will be to take a closer look at what others in your niche are up to. Please don’t stop there; look at the podcast industry leaders generally and size up what their podcast cover looks like.

Check out the “Trending, or What’s Hot” section of your podcast hosting platform. You’ll have an idea of how to create the best podcast artwork. 

In the end, you’ll discover that all of the podcasts featured will have something in common with their podcast artwork. That should serve as a pointer and strength on which you’ll design your podcast cover. 

2. Create a Link Bridge To Your Logo and Brand

With your podcast artwork, you have to maintain brand consistency. It’s about making your listeners recognize your branding from afar. That’s why your logo and other branding effects should share similar font and color scheme. 

More importantly, have a template that can be tweaked for each episode of your podcast. What might need to be changed will be the title of each episode and image. 

Note that you’ll be sharing the podcast artwork on social media. That’s why it should be catchy enough to attract new listeners. 

3. Be Thoughtful With the Title

The title of each podcast episode will be on the podcast cover. The title should not have too many words. Your audience wants to listen to a podcast, not read a blog. In short, listeners don’t have the patience to read a long post. 

There’s a podcast description section that can take as many words as you would like. That’s where texts belong. Ensure you remove unnecessary words from the podcast title. For example, “podcast” as a word should not have a place in your title. 

Legibility should also be factored into your podcast cover. If the cover is shrunk, will the title still be legible? 

4. Design For All Sizes and Platforms

It’s essential to create a podcast artwork that looks great everywhere it is displayed. Think of the podcast artwork’s quality if it is viewed from a large monitor or a small screen smartphone. 

The podcast artwork needs to be at its best wherever displayed. You will have to be sure of the dimensions allowed by your podcast platform also. If you are placing the podcast in multiple outlets, it must conform to all of their requirements. 

5. Hire a Professional To Create Your Podcast Artwork

You may have to seek the service of a professional graphics designer to arrive at a good result. It won’t dig a hole into your pocket as there are cheap service providers on freelance marketplaces. 

Start by checking Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer for anyone that fits the bill. Start by giving out a test job to ascertain their quality. You need the best hands to design your podcast artwork. 

Ask for an editable source file that allows you DIY for each episode to save cost.