Accountability Team — A Growing Trend with Indie Musicians

If you are a developing musician, hiring a manager to take care of your career-related processes might not be an affordable decision for you. Also, given the fact that you are going to pay the manager 10 to 20% of your income, you cannot expect them to take interest in some vital activities like managing the bookings, email marketing, blogging, labeling, supervising, online advertising and others.


Accountability Team

Nevertheless, there is a smarter approach to managing your career. Known as accountability team, the concept is now fast developing among indie artists. Here is how you can check if this can work in your case as well.

The crucial need for every indie musician is knowledgeable and experienced people from whom they can learn. People who can ensure you are working towards your cherished objectives are great assets for your career. It is easy to find such people from your peers. This model can work since there is an element of sharing and mutual help. When the members of such peer groups are willing to share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of their friends and also learn from them, this idea can work wonders for every member of the group. There is, however, more to this idea of forming an accountability team. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your accountability team so that it serves its purpose in the best way.

Coin a name

When you coin a name for the accountability team, the whole process will sound official and put in a kind of serious approach in each member of the team.

Meet regularly

Have a periodical meeting schedule weekly, bi-monthly or monthly) and discuss some the vital topic related to indie musicians’ career. If there are some very important points, get them in writing.

Prepare the meeting agenda for every meeting

At the end of every meeting, list out some points that will make the agenda for the next meeting. This is important so that every member of the accountability team comes prepared for the next meeting with the inputs and ideas they know on the topic. During the next meeting, every member will have their new experiences to share with the group.

Keep your personal issues outside the meeting room

An accountability team can work well only when the people are responsible and driven. The minimum responsibility lies in attending the meeting scheduled in advance. The second thing is keeping the persona things outside the meeting room and staying committed to the common interests. No member must pretend to have ready answers to all the questions. Also, honesty regarding their own booking discussion is called for so that there is transparency among the group.

Make the best use of technology

The technology is sophisticated today giving a lot of boons to indie musicians. Make the best use of technology like Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Dropbox, and Google Drive. When you use a particular technology in a given meeting, dial beforehand to inform every member so that they come prepared. There must never be any troubleshooting during the meeting that will steal everyone’s valuable time.