Writing a Perfect Welcome Email, Matters!

The message you present to your new fan subscribers with your automated email is called a “Welcome Email”. Studies show that among the different kinds of emails, welcome emails are the most.

writing a perfect email

While an average email list has a 15% to 25% chance of being opened, welcome emails have around 80% chance of being read. This is because people eagerly look forward to the thing they have signed up for. Whether it is a song collection, checklist, video or just more emails from you. You have the opportunity to make the most from your welcome email. Hence why it is important that you draft it in the best way.

Common mistakes you must avoid in your welcome email

∙ Simply giving a link to the download and nothing else.

∙ Presenting a long winding and boring story of the musician.

∙ Poorly formatted email with multiple colors and fonts leaving the fans confused about the brand.

∙ Emails addressed to multiple persons rather than to one person.

These mistakes commonly made by artists, can steal from the greater impact that your welcome email is otherwise likely to achieve. Ultimately the purpose of a welcome email is to foster the client-fan relationship.

Tips to Draft the Perfect Welcome Email

Appreciate your fan

By subscribing to your list, they did what you expected them to do. Hence it is proper on your part to thank them. You must first acknowledge and praise this act as a great gesture. During the process, you can also re-invoke the feeling they had during the moment of subscribing to the list.

Tell them what to do now

Once they have subscribed, they might now wait to get the things you promised them. Ensure you give the clear instructions. If they have downloaded the zip file, tell them where the file would have ended up in their computer or handset. Describe what will happen when they click on the ‘Download’ link. How you make them feel comfortable and the directions you give them can make your fans feel comfortable and intensify the relationship they have with you.

Give the call to action

The call to action here can mean anything that you might want them to do like clicking on your site, sharing the given link on the social media sites or anything else that will benefit you. When they are moved to the action successfully, it will mean you have established yourself as the trusted authority. This can help build the relationship with your fan further.

In fact, once they have got engaged with you by opening the email and by clicking something on it, you have succeeded in training them to get engaged with you in the long term.

Tell them what to expect

You are going to send them your emails continuously. Build up the excitement that they are going to gain access to some incredible content like profiles of band members, song stories, and chances to be a part of the creative process. It is important to make them feel that the email is not an interruption but only an expectation.

By Patrick Hill on September 27, 2018.