5 Tools For Everyone in the Independent Music Industry

Tools For Independent Music Industry

In the old music industry, all you’ll need to make headway is your music. Today, your music is just the entry point as there are dozens of other factors that can make or mar your break into the limelight. The focus of this piece is not just on independent artists but everyone else in the industry.

Tools For Independent Music Industry

We’ve put together essential tools for the independent music industry. While there are tools for everyone in the mainstream music industry, the peculiarity of the independent music industry requires the right tools. These tools will help you to navigate the complexities of the independent music industry. 

If you work in the independent music industry as an artist, songwriter, producer, sound engineer, and others, here are tools you should not ignore;

1. Disctopia

Not to sound cliché, but Disctopia has proven to be the best platform for indie creators to showcase their art. There’s no better tool out there to help you establish yourself and grow your audience.

If you aim to make a good kill with your music without sacrificing your freedom and creativity, Disctopia is what you need. With Disctopia, your audience can easily reach you without hurting their pocket. 

Disctopia is built to cater solely to the needs of indie creators. There’s no other streaming platform that focuses on independent artists the way Disctopia does. 

2. StoryAMP

We live in the age of social media, but the traditional media still wield a lot of power. While it’s quite easy to get it right with your social media music promotion, you’ll need more a great deal of help to find your feet in traditional media. 

That’s where StoryAMP comes into the picture. What StoryAMP does is to connect you to journalists who can help generate buzz for your music on the traditional media. 

StoryAMP is in the business of connecting independent artists to music publicists and journalists. If you have a tour in view, or a new album about to be released, taking advantage of StoryAMP’s reach will give your career a turbo boost. 

3. Buffer

It could either be Buffer or any other social media scheduling tool. You need to be able to post content in real-time. With a scheduling tool, you can create a consistent presence as an independent artist. 

As an indie artist, a scheduling tool will help you stay focused on your touring, songwriting and recording. All of this while staying engaged with your followers on social media. There are dozens of social media scheduling tools out there, but we’ll recommend either Buffer or Hootsuite. 

Always remember to schedule a mix of content to stay consistent. 

4. Canva

Nothing beats a professional graphics designer, but Canva comes close to one. With Canva, you can solve all of your design headaches by yourself. While you may leave your album cover design or website banner to a designer, there are still other graphic needs you will have to meet. 

As an indie artist, you need visual content on your social media in the form of show reminders, countdowns, or even graphics of your lyrics. While they are all important, it’s not worth it paying a designer to get this done. 

With Canva, you can quickly and easily take advantage of your creativity at no extra cost. 

5. Sendinblue

Another important tool that can help you establish your brand presence is Sendinblue. Of course, you are getting things right with your social media music promotion. But there’s a lot you are leaving on the table by not taking advantage of email marketing. 

Through email marketing, you are better positioned to establish a strong brand. With Sendinblue, you can upload an unlimited number of recipients and customize the existing templates to your brand’s color. 

That’s why many think of Sendinblue as the best email marketing tool for musicians.