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Whether you’re dreaming of ditching your day job, going viral, or launching a lifestyle brand – Disctopia is the platform for your potential. We recognize that artists need the freedom to create so we don’t tell you what you can’t do – we tell you what you can.

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Perfect for Artists

As a true indie platform, we give you creative freedom for albums, podcasts & even artists merch. Upload it all in one place. Then you can set your content to be downloadable, or even stream only. It's entirely in your hands-free of fees.

Pay Per Play

We will pay two pennies for every true play. No need to calculate how many streams or podcast plays. We pay when it's played, even for podcast plays exclusively hosted on Disctopia. Period. We give you the flexibility to distribute your content for free or charge for a set price. No commissions ever.

Curated Connections

Connect with your audience in an ad-free and troll-free environment. Enjoy the best interaction directly with fans.

Sell Artist Merch Seamlessly

As an artist with a growing fan base, Disctopia allows you to sell merch without any upfront cost. Disctopia offers easy print-on-demand drop shipping and fulfillment warehouse services - all integrated with your artist or podcast profile page. No need for inventory!

Steady & Rapid Income

Generate income from your work through the entire network of Disctopia subscribers who pays a monthly subscription. No need to hide behind a paywall where no one can find your content. Sell direct downloads, get paid music royalties directly from true plays, sell artist merch & track it all seamlessly.

Weekly Payments & Splits

Disctopia will split your commission-free royalties up to 100 ways to your manager, engineer, producer, etc., or even your mama. Let's be honest, it's your money and you want it now. Disctopia pays weekly. Never a need to wait months for payouts from other content distributors. Everybody gets paid with Disctopia.

- Unlimited storage & uploads.
- Unlimited streaming.
- Upload unlimited original songs.

- Artist reporting.
- Artist collaboration.
- Unique Listener reports.

- Technology analytics.
- Email support.
- Album & Track sharing.
-Receive weekly Artist payouts.
- Web Player analytics.
- Mobile app for fans.