5 Startups That’ll Change the Podcast Industry for the Better

podcast industry

By 2021, the podcast industry would have grown to generate $1 billion in annual revenue.

Wondering why this figure matter and why you should care? Just think of yourself as lucky to among those with prior knowledge of what is to come in the podcast industry.

Podcasts are not new, but they began to flourish just recently. 2020 marked the year when the podcast industry’s growth becomes more noticeable. This is expected to take a new dimension due to technological changes and advertising activities.

Podcast industry

Now to the reason why we wrote this article. While Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, and SoundCloud might have dominated the Podcast scene in the past, some startups are doing all possible to displace these giants.

We’ve identified 10 of these startups that are positioned to revolutionize the industry.

1. Anchor

Being one of the new entrants into the podcast space, Anchor is intended for mobile devices.

Right from a mobile device, Anchor allows you to record, edit, publish, promote, and also monetize your podcasts.

The uniqueness of Anchor lies in its cost of usage, which is FREE. However, you may need to go through Anchor Terms and Condition that grants them the ownership of your content.

If you are a content creator that cares less about the bells and whistles, then Anchor is what you need.

2. Disctopia

While Disctopia is not entirely about only podcasters, it is dedicated to delivering financial freedom to Podcasters and other creatives.

As a podcaster interested in growing your userbase, there’s a lot you can get out of Disctopia.

You have the creative freedom to host your podcasts on Disctopia and share to wherever you want. Not forgetting that you can have private and exclusive episodes.

There is analytics also that can give your podcast the push that it needs.

Lastly, you have all the creative power in your hands.

3. Transistor.fm

All of the normal tools that you’ll need to succeed as a podcaster is what Transistor.fm is offering.

The unique selling point of Transistor.fm lies in its private podcast feed feature and the range of players on offer.

If you are looking for the right way to monetize your show, there’s no better route than Transistor.fm. It makes it fun and stress-free to run a show.

All you’ve got to do is invite your fans and listeners, and the rest is up to them.

4. Megaphone

Megaphone is said to be built by podcasters for podcasters. The idea behind Megaphone is to help make the most out of podcasting.

Since 2015 when Megaphone entered the podcast industry, it has grown from a startup to one with over 1 billion downloads and counting.

Being an enterprise-level podcasting platform, Megaphone has features that help podcasters reach out to the sky.

There seems to be a plan in the pipeline for a smaller podcast that can accommodate hobbyists and enthusiasts.

5. Backtracks

When Backtrack entered the podcast industry in 2016, it has the vision of modernizing podcasting.

The platform is all out to ensure that podcasters, listeners, and advertisers all win. That’s why it’ll be difficult to dispute their claim of having the world’s most advanced podcast analytics and hosting platform.

Access to advanced analytics has always been the selling point of Backtrack. The brand is set out to greater things within the industry in years to come.