10 Most Popular Podcast Hosting Platforms for 2024(Plus Free Podcast Hosting Options)

10 Most Popular Podcast Hosting Platforms for 2024

If you are looking for the most popular podcast platforms in 2022, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will talk extensively about the 10 popular hosting platforms where you can host, publicize and live stream your next podcasts. Before we go into that, here are some quick facts to know about these popular podcast platforms:

  • These most popular podcast platforms have proven to be one of the best places to host your live shows.
  • The availability of storage makes it simpler for you to store the mp3 digital audio files after recording.
  • Some of these popular hosting platforms also allow podcasters to monetize their content in several ways.

Chose The Best Podcast Hosting Platforms to Use in 2024

Below are the 10 most popular podcast platforms that are worth considering for podcast hosting and distribution in 2022:

1.    SoundCloud

Most Popular Podcast Platforms,Popular Hosting Platforms,Free Podcast Platforms SoundCloud is one of the most popular podcast platforms not just because of the ease of use, but also because of the free plan. As a new user, you may be able to enjoy up to 3-hours long of podcast upload before getting a prompt to subscribe to the paid plan. We think that this is enough to get you started and gain followers/listeners ahead of getting a paid version. In addition, SoundCloud offers a mix of digital audio file recording and distribution. This includes live shows, music, and new tracks from artists across the world. Distributing the content is as easy as copying the web address or URL of the podcast and embedding the same on your website. This way, your podcast will not only be limited to SoundCloud, as you can also share it with your website visitors.

2.    Fusebox

Most Popular Podcast Platforms,Popular Hosting Platforms,Free Podcast Platforms Some content creators prefer to have absolute control over the podcasts, and this includes deciding where the content is to be published. Unlike some of the other popular podcast platforms that require users to host the content on the platform, Fusebox does something different. As a podcaster, you are allowed to integrate Fusebox into your website. This way, your podcasts will be available for instant listening on your website. Besides, Fusebox has a wide range of other amazing services/features, such as:

  • Multiple Buttons: The buttons include the download option for listeners that want to download the podcast, share buttons, and a subscription button. With the subscription button, you can get the listeners to sign up for your email list.
  • Customization Option: Looking to customize the functions of the player? The customization feature provided by Fusebox includes the content type (sticky, track, and archive), brand color, and button shape.

3.    Disctopia

Most Popular Podcast Platforms,Popular Hosting Platforms,Free Podcast Platforms Disctopia makes podcast publishing easier for content creators. Through the extensive features, the platform allows podcasters to record and distribute podcasts. More interesting is the fact that this free podcast platform has a streaming feature that allows podcasters to get make live shows. Disctopia also has podcast customization features, which come in handy for content creators who would like to publish or list their podcasts everywhere. It can be used to specify the content to make available for streaming, adding download options, and the distribution model.

4.    Resonate Recordings

Most Popular Podcast Platforms,Popular Hosting Platforms,Free Podcast Platforms Resonate Recordings is much more than a podcast platform. It is more of an all-in-one platform for anything related to podcasts. With the hosting feature, you can create, publish and distribute your podcasts from one platform.

Podcast Hosting

With the podcast hosting feature provided by Resonate Recordings, podcasters can publish episodes, and enable downloads. It is also possible to decide on the type of hosting. For example, content creators can decide to go for the Private Hosting plan that allows instant access to podcasting tools on the platform. There is also a plan for migrating your content on Resonate Recordings to any other podcast platform.

Monetization Feature

Resonate Recordings also have a monetization feature, of which the Dynamic Ad Insertion is the most outstanding. With this feature, podcasters can add or insert adverts on specific timestamps on their recordings.

5.    Castos

Most Popular Podcast Platforms,Popular Hosting Platforms,Free Podcast Platforms Castos is one of the popular podcast platforms that allow for easy integration of content with WordPress. Also, the platform can be used to automate podcast publishing, facilitate data aggregation from multiple podcast platforms and customization options.

Free Version

Castos is a free podcast platform that allows podcasters to use the platform for 14 days, after which they are at liberty to subscribe for a paid plan.

YouTube Republishing and Automatic Transcription

Castos also offers autopilot transcription of podcasts, as well republishing on YouTube.

6.    Spreaker

Most Popular Podcast Platforms,Popular Hosting Platforms,Free Podcast Platforms Spreaker is one of the top podcast platforms that offer hosting plans. That way, podcasters will get to take advantage of the entire podcast publishing tools to get their content readily available for listening and download.

A Variety of Plans to Choose from

Spreaker offers a wide range of pricing plans for podcasters to choose from. The Free Speech plan doesn’t attract any costs. But your episode uploads will be limited to only 10. To get more features, consider upgrading to the On-Air Talent that offers monetization via ads, automatic uploads, and customizable RSS Feeds.

Live Podcast Feature

Spreaker’s Live Podcasting feature simplifies the process of hosting live shows. The live podcasting also comes with a chatbox for real-time interactions between the host and the listeners.

7.    Transistor

Most Popular Podcast Platforms,Popular Hosting Platforms,Free Podcast Platforms The Transistor is a brand-focused podcast platform, meaning that it is mostly used by brands and companies that are interested in podcasting. The platform also has awesome features, which include ease of use (making it simpler for first-timers and professional podcasters).

Multiple Distribution Channels

Your podcasts on Transistor can be distributed across several platforms. Some of the platforms are:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Pocket Casts
  • Google Podcasts
  • Spotify
  • Overcast


Transistor also offers detailed podcast analytics for each show or episode you upload. The information you can access from here includes:

  • Listener Trends
  • Average Downloads per Episode
  • Number of Subscribers

8.    PodServe.fm

Most Popular Podcast Platforms,Popular Hosting Platforms,Free Podcast Platforms PodServe.fm offers full-service hosting for podcasts, as well as higher storage capacities. The platform promises to “do all the work” for you, and that includes distributing your content across major podcast platforms.

Podcast Hosting

Podcasts can be hosted on the PodServe.fm. This feature is of course, available on the paid plan.

Embeddable Player

Looking to distribute your content to other places, such as your website? The Embeddable Player feature allows hosts to add the shows and episodes on their websites.

9.    Blubrry Podcasting 

Most Popular Podcast Platforms,Popular Hosting Platforms,Free Podcast Platforms Blubrry is popular for the flexible podcast hosting it offers. Content creators can choose to either host the shows on the Blubrry platform or their websites.

Affordable Plans

Blubrry has affordable plans, which start at $12 per month. Meanwhile, you get the first month for free under the Free Trial basis.

Podcast Statistics

The statistics/analytics offered by Blubrry give you insights into the performance of your podcasts. This includes information about the number of times the podcasts were played, the total number of downloads, and the geographical data.

10. bCast Listener

Most Popular Podcast Platforms,Popular Hosting Platforms,Free Podcast Platforms bCast is the most popular podcast platforms to consider if you’re looking to get traffic, build brand authority and increase revenue. On bCast, business owners can use the Audio Inserts feature to add specific Call to Actions (CTAs), such as registering for a webinar or signing up to an email list.

One-Click Submission

Submit your podcasts for publication on bCast at the click of a button.


Enable automatic transcriptions to facilitate the transcription of audio to text. This can help the listeners to flow with the content of the podcast.

Final Thoughts on Popular Podcast Listening Platforms in 2023

Using any of these most popular podcast platforms helps you to get access to a plethora of features and publishing tools that make podcasting interesting. Of course, you can choose to host the content on the native platforms or build a website where you can migrate your podcasts.