Without Music, the Point of Human Life is Lost — Interview with Elizabeth Geyer

Marketing your music is never easy — like many poets who are unable to create an outlet for their art end up giving up poetry itself, there are musicians too who fail to pick sales of their music or even the reach to a larger audience. This often turns the heat on them and they start brooding over the idea of leaving music itself.

Without Music, the Point of Human Life is Lost — Interview with Elizabeth Geyer

However, as they say, art has a strange way of making its way ahead. Elizabeth Geyer, a multi-instrumentalist from Australia, tells us that it is the true music that will make you successful in the long run. Stick to your gut and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel soon.

We talked to Elizabeth how she handles the pressure of changing technology and industry of music and stay on course.

Q1. How important is it for an artist to make music that sells?

Make the music that is true, that is asking to be made. It might not make for an easy life, but I think the best music usually comes from there.

Q2. What do you think of the changing scenario of the music industry where technology and social are the new norms?

I am currently lost and confused by it; the only thing I really truly ever understood about the music industry is the music, and music first. But I do want to stay openminded and learn to adjust.

Q3. What kind of strategies do you adapt to market your music?

Oh my gosh! I nearly gave up music altogether because I have struggled so much in this area. I am grateful to Paul Adams who has been helping with marketing in recent years. All I know for sure right now, which I haven’t many times in recent years, is I will keep making music.

Q4. As an independent musician, what do you think is the most crucial thing that helps in surviving?

I will let you know when I find out. It has been a very challenging decade! But art and music give meaning to life, along with human connection, so I keep coming to the conclusion there is no other life worth living.

Q5. In the age of online streams and digital downloads, how important are live gigs for Indie artists?

Gigs are a powerful tool to connect. But I love being lost in recorded music too, so both have their place.

Q6. A message for our readers?

Music is another tool to be able to connect us all human to human. Without this, the point of human life is lost.

By Patrick Hill on October 30, 2018.