“This is MY List!”: The Best Projects of 2019, So Far

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2019 has been an interesting year. For me personally, I feel as if this year has been a slow year for music. However, there have been a few diamonds in the rough. I believe I have condescended a list of some of the strongest projects of this year, so far. For this list, I have decided to also include some albums from the backend of 2018, that didn’t really get to thrive until this year due to their late release. Lastly, remember this is MY list, so it is okay to disagree! Now let’s get to it!

10. Indigo – Chris Brown

I know what you’re thinking; “this album came out last week”. I am aware, but I DO NOT care! Honestly, this album would probably be higher if it were released earlier. I have had my fair share of thoughts with Chris Brown and his music. But, on this album, I was pleasantly surprised. This is the first album in a while where I feel like Chris was honest with us in his music and let us know where his life was during the moment.
Standout Tracks: Come Together, No Guidance, Girl of My Dreams, Trust Issues/Act In

"This is MY List!": The Best Projects of 2019, So Far
Indigo Album Cover: ChrisBrown

9. Dying to Live – Kodak Black

I enjoyed hearing about Kodaks growth in this project. It’s very evident in the music. He has a great way of painting a picture for the listener and letting the listener into his world. It’s one of the reasons why the album is still in my rotation, 7 months later.
Standout Tracks: Testimony, If I’m Lying, I’m Flying, Could’ve Been Different

8. Volume 2 – EP – Pink Sweat$

Pink Sweat$ is an artist who was practically unknown to me until earlier this year. His silky smooth voice fits perfectly over highly acoustic production. I look forward to hearing a full-length project from him in the future.
Standout Tracks: Body Ain’t Me, Coke & Henny, Pt. 2

7. Seven 25 – Tsu Surf

The battle rap heavy hitter came with a solid full-length project. You can feel his heart and soul behind his raps. The conviction in his voice is what pulls you in, but the content is what makes you stay. He has a great knack for vividly setting the scene for the listener through his lyrics.
Standout Tracks: Here’s Whatever, Killing Me, What Changed

6. Shea Butter Baby – Ari Lennox

Dreamville’s princess did more than deliver on her debut album. Ari’s voice sounds like it came straight out of the ’60s and I love it. The way she flawlessly maneuvers through notes and livens up the tracks with her voice is a thing of wonder. Some of the tracks on this album have amazing replay value. This is an album I will be revisiting for years to come.
Standout Tracks: BMO, Broke, Up Late

5. I Am > I Was – 21 Savage

On what I call 21 Savage‘s first “focused” project, he gives us insight into his mind and his personal growth. While some tracks on here may come off lackluster, the ones that shine, TRULY shine. There are tracks on here that I believe can stand the test of time, and hold their own with the best of them.
Standout Tracks: a lot, out for the night, ball w/o you

4. Baby on Baby – Da Baby

Mr. Hometown Hero! This album is honestly this high due to its high replay value. This is an album where you can throw on a song and it can instantly change your mood. I wasn’t sold on Da Baby as quickly as most people were, but as soon as I heard this project I was hooked. I am also proud to see a guy from the city doing his thing on the big stage!
Standout Tracks: Suge, Baby Sitter, Joggers, Carpet Burn

3. IGOR – Tyler, The Creator

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t go back to this album as often as I may go back to others lower on the list. But, I recognize good music and couldn’t possibly rank it any lower. This album, from the production to Tyler’s vocals, gives you everything you could ever want. What else would you expect from, arguably, most peoples Album of the Year?

2. Tana Talk 3 – Benny The Butcher

Benny The Butcher
, one of Griselda’s heavy hitters, knows how to do nothing but deliver. On this 14 track album, he flawlessly provides the listener with nothing but bars. He paints the picture of the streets and you can’t help but sit there and enjoy it.
Standout Tracks: Rubber Bands & Weight, ‘97 Hov, Joe Pesci 38, Who Are You

1. Everything’s For Sale – Boogie

I could not help but put this as my number 1. Seeing the growth Boogie has made from the ‘Thirst 48’ series to this album, I am nothing but proud. On this album, he bears his soul and at the same time, probably without knowing, shows yours. This album is relatable, and anybody who has ever wished the circumstances could be different from somebody in their life relates to this album. This album gives you heartbreak, self-reflection and at times, even hope. Everything truly was for sale from Boogie on this project.
Standout Tracks: Swap Meet, Lolsmh, Skydive, Skydive II, Live 95, No Warning.

"This is MY List!": The Best Projects of 2019, So Far

Honorable mentions:
Paranoia – Money Man
Painted – Lucky Daye
Die a Legend – Polo G
The WZRD – Future