How To Start a Podcast and Turn It into A Profitable Business

How to Start a Podcast

You problem learnt how to start a podcast as a hobby and a passion. But who says you can’t make it a lucrative business? With time, you need to start thinking about how to make money from your podcast. The well-paid podcasters earn around $75,000 per episode, $900,000 per month, and up to $30 million […]

How to Start a Podcast & Multiply Your Income in 30 days

How to start a podcast

Anyone can start a podcast that makes good money. However, there’s no hard and fast way to learn how to start a podcast that makes a sizeable income monthly. You just need to start from scratch and get it right. If you do, you could be on your way to multiplying your income. Who is […]

How To Find Sponsors To Monetize Your Podcast Show

monetize your podcast

When you wanted to know how to start a podcast, we should have also informed you that being successful at it will involve a lot of hard work and effort. For such a stressful venture, won’t it just be good if you get paid for all the hard work? As a podcast streaming platform, we’ve […]

6 Tested Ways To Engage Your Podcast Audience

How to start a podcast

Now that you are fully aware of how to start a podcast, next is to master the art and science of engaging your podcast audience. Let’s say you have published episodes consistently for a few months. But you’re still not seeing the needle move regarding listener growth. You’re not alone. Without an engaged audience, shows […]

Why Most Podcasts Fail: How To Start a Podcast That Succeeds

Disctopia How to Start a Podcast

There’s always a lot of talk about how to start a podcast. There’s rarely the talk of why people quit podcasting or why most podcasts fail. Let’s be frank, while there are a lot of new podcasters, there’s also a growing number of former podcasters. At Disctopia, we are interested in helping podcasters find their feet. Usually, […]

How To Start a Podcast That Stands Out

How to Start a Podcast

If you were starting a podcast a decade ago, you might not need to be worried about being unique. However, the podcast industry has become a crowded market, requiring an extra edge for you to succeed. How do I start a podcast that is unique and marketable? We get asked this question a lot. Podcasters are getting […]

How to Start a Podcast on a Smartphone

How to Start a Podcast on a Smartphone

With podcasting, you have all it takes to reach millions of listeners. The beauty of podcasting is that anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can know how to start a podcast on a smartphone or iPad. It’s quite easy to start, record, edit and publish a podcast from your smartphone. You don’t need […]

What Do I Need to Start a Podcast: Building a Strong Podcast Team

What Do I Need To Start a Podcast

What do I need to start a podcast? That’s an important question intending podcasters are always asking. To start a successful podcast, you will need to build a team. Apart from how overwhelming it will be if you fly solo, getting experts to carry out certain podcasting tasks is essential. Your first podcasting experience might […]

What You Need To Start a Podcast: How to Set Podcast Goals

What you need to start a podcast

As part of what you need to start a podcast, you also need to prioritize podcast goal-setting. Setting clear, actionable, realistic goals is one of the recipes of a booming podcast. Of course, you will have some things in mind to achieve with your show. You might have started your podcast to promote your business […]