What Do I Need to Start a Podcast: Building a Strong Podcast Team

What Do I Need To Start a Podcast

What do I need to start a podcast? That’s an important question intending podcasters are always asking. To start a successful podcast, you will need to build a team. Apart from how overwhelming it will be if you fly solo, getting experts to carry out certain podcasting tasks is essential. Your first podcasting experience might…

What You Need To Start a Podcast: How to Set Podcast Goals

What you need to start a podcast

As part of what you need to start a podcast, you also need to prioritize podcast goal-setting. Setting clear, actionable, realistic goals is one of the recipes of a booming podcast. Of course, you will have some things in mind to achieve with your show. You might have started your podcast to promote your business…

How to Start a Podcast and Properly Manage it

How to Start a Podcast

Anyone can master how to start a podcast, but not everyone can effectively manage and sustain the pace. Successful podcasting requires thoroughness, and to be thorough, podcasters worth their salt know that it is essential to learn how to effectively manage their podcast. Right after you are familiar with how to start a podcast, you…

How To Start a Podcast: A Successful Business Podcast

how to start a podcast

While you must have studied the basics of how to start a podcast, why not take it a step further by starting a podcast for your business and startup. At Disctopia, we’ve constantly tried to let business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers see the beauty of what podcasting can do to their businesses. With the current podcast…

What You Need to Start a Podcast that Ranks on Search Engines

What You Need to Start a Podcast

Before we dive into what you need to start a podcast, it is pertinent to state that starting a podcast might seem like a fun idea until you begin. First, you must know that having a passion for a topic is not enough for your podcast to have a high SEO ranking than the competition….

Podcasting 101: Best Podcasting Resources You’ll Need in 2022

Best Podcasting Resources

You don’t have to share the opinion that podcasting is expensive, complicated, or complex. It does not have to be if you have all the best podcasting resources you’ll need at your beck and call. Podcasting is not what it used to be a decade ago, and there are tons of free guides scattered all…

Top 100 Podcast Topics and Ideas of 2022

podcast topics and ideas of 2022

As much as you’re ecstatic about starting a podcast in 2022, there’ll be a lot of planning, recording, editing, publishing and marketing to do. However, all of these effort will not count if you get it wrong with your podcast ideas and topics. As of 2021, there are over 850,000 podcasts in existence with 48…

Why Your Company Should Start a Branded Podcast in 2022

Start a Branded Podcast

Still considering whether you should start a branded podcast or not? This question was answered as far back as 2014 by the experts at Harvard Business Review. They predicted that podcasting was about to enter its golden age, moving from niche to mainstream. Even at that point in time, it was evident that podcasting is about…

Why Do I Need To Start a Podcast?

Why Do I Need To Start a Podcast?

If you are still pondering why do I need to start a podcast, you are reading the right guide. Maybe you are like Jeff Bullas, who bought all the gears and equipment needed to start a podcast. He didn’t start but kept all the equipment in a store for three years. It was not just…