Disctopia Support

At Disctopia, we are here to help you become the best creative you can be. Please review some main topics below and contact us if needed.

  • Getting Started?

    Making Money

    You can paid in two ways. Sales and streams. To get paid, become a Premium artist for only $9.99 a month. Post your original creative work. Price it. Sell it. Per stream licensing revenue is also posted to your account.


    Every premium artist gets their own page. We, along with the artist, utilize social media, and other outlets to drive fans to the artist page.


    Disctopia is a distribution site. Publishing, Record Labels, and other relationships are handled external to the platform.




    It is against the Terms and Conditions to post creative works which are not permissible. Disctopia takes reasonable steps to prevent and to remove unauthorized works.


    Great Catalog

    The Catalog is full of artists just like you. And growing with creative, innovative, and talented people every day. 


    New Features

    There are many great features already on the site. Disctopia is responsive to the artist’s needs. Based on feedback and suggestions, features are added routinely.

  • Contact Us

    General Support

    For all general related questions, on how the site or how any of our apps work, please shoot us an email.





    Billing Support

    For any and all questions concerning billing and subscriptions, please just drop us an email.



Have any further questions? Check out our FAQ's page.