How to Hire a Registered Agent For Your Indie Record Label

As required by law, every business entity must name a registered agent who receives legal documents and other correspondence on behalf of the business. Regardless of where you operate in the United States, you can always engage the service of a registered agent.   


In simple terms, what the registered agent does is to be the recipient of subpoenas, tax and regulatory notices, and other legal correspondence on behalf of your business.   

Since it is required by law that legal notices are received in person (in most states), engaging the service of a registered agent fills the gap. Every registered name and address is public information; then, it’s pretty easy to interface with your Indie Record Label by anyone.   

As an LLC, corporation, and any other formal business entity that the law expects you to be, you need a registered agent. Only partnerships and sole proprietorships do not need a registered agent.    

Receiving legal documents on your behalf isn’t the only role of your registered agent. The registered agent also owes you the responsibility of ensuring the documents gets to you as soon as possible.   

That said, here’s how to hire a registered agent for your indie record label;   

You don’t have to step out or visit a physical office before hiring a registered agent. For an average of $50/year, you’ll get the service of a registered agent. Follow these few steps, and you’ll have an excellent registered agent at the service of your Indie Record Label;   

Start by entering into the search box “Registered Agent Delaware.” You have to have a registered agent in the state where you will be operating from. It can also be your home state.  You’ll see different registered agents domiciled in Delaware or any other state of your choosing on the results page.   

Tips To Choose a Registered Agent For Your Indie Record Label 

1. Physical Availability

You need to choose a Registered Agent with a known and verifiable office address. More importantly, the office should be open during office hours. This is to be sure that documents delivered during working hours will be given proper attention.   

2. Presence In Multiple States

 As an indie record label, we’ll advise that you settle for a registered agent with physical offices in numerous states. In the absence that it does not, it should at least have the capability to provide you with a registered agent if you expand to other states.   

3. Have a Process in Place

Another thing to look out for in a registered agent is how the documents are being handled. This requires that they have well-trained staffs that have an understanding of what is at stake.